Saturday, 30 April 2011

can't make my own decisions, or make any with precision..

its' been a rather exciting week of awards! this one came to me from Sophie at CGDN, Lauren at Gotta Love a Trier, and Tasha at Tasha's Treasure Trove (all of which you should be reading if you don't already !)  and the rules are set out as follows:
kreativ_blogger_award_thumb[1]1) link 10 blogs;
2) tell these bloggers about the award;
3) write 10 facts about yourself;

1 & 2) basically (this may be cheating) i have looked at a lot of my favourite blogs and i think i'm going to find it difficult to find 10 bloggers who haven't yet been tagged with this, so can i leave it open to anyone who sees this and hasn't yet done it / wants to..
3) ten facts about myself, even with thinking time this is going to prove difficult, but here goes:
one - one of my least favourite phrases is "pop of colour" - i have hated it since i first heard it (not exactly sure why) but hate it more so now that it seems to be everywhere in magazines / websites etc..
two - i am such a terrible procrastinator. i find that i can't do anything at all if i
haven't written it down on a list with a deadline..i'm hopeless at leaving things to the last minute, os have to try and compensate for this with the deadlines i impose on myself..

three - i have two younger sisters, one who is in her 2nd yr of uni, and the other just about to start her gcses, so i'm supposed to be the 'sensible older sister' :S

four - i dread to think about how much money i have spent on shoes over the past few years..irregular choice in particular of course, they are my vice, although recently i have been struggling to find anything i particularly like from the new collections..

five - i can't stand milk..i must have liked it as a child, but i couldn't drink a glass of it now..i can't stand it at all, even in coffee, porridge etc..

six - i really don't like it when people let their dogs run around off their leads..i'm not sure if i like dogs or not, i have always grown up with them, but have never had any p articular desire to have one of my own, and i certainly do not harbour any desire to be licked, sniffed etc by someone else's dog who i have never met..i always laugh when someone says "oh they're alright, just being friendly" and also when idiots go up to dogs they don't know and stroke them / make a fuss of them..serves you right if they don't want to be accosted and you get bitten!

seven - more things i can't stand - melon and cucumber..if i eat either of them, they make me physically sick :(

wow i'm turning into a right whinger!

eight - i am completely converted into being a total CSI fan..i used to want to change the channel when it was put on, but now i can't get enough of it - i even went to the CSI experience in the bullring last year for my birthday, and it was fabulous! i cant' decide who my favourite character is, but have named my 'pet' cactus Callie, after one of the Miami characters (nerd!)

nine - i seem to like to exist in total chaos - my flat is full of clutter, and always seems to be in need of tidying..and yet if i go somewhere else i am more than happy to tidy, it just seems to be my own home which i cant' seem to get in a neat and tidy state!

ten - i'm always told it's weird that considering that i always dress in girly dresses and skirts, some of the things i love are so boyish - horror films (the more gore the better!), american chopper, dinosaurs, pirates and robots, and cars..

sorry that i couldn't think of very interesting facts, i find it really difficult thinking of things to say about myself!

Friday, 29 April 2011

all this talk about adam and eve, doesn't cut the mustard with this little piggy..





i wasn't really aware of how shiny these holdups were when i wore them the other day - eek! i'm not sure if i like them or not looking at the pics, but when i was in matalan the other day i was rather pleased to discover that they had a whols display of stockings and holdupe, which i seem to spend my life not being able to find ! sometimes i totally prefer them to tights, but i have the same problem that i have with tights in that i seem to wear them once and manage to ruin them, so i was very happy to see that they are all priced at £2/pair in matalan, which i think is very reasonable..i'm not sure about the glossy finish now though..

i dragged thses shoes out of the large pile of shoes-with-no-boxes, and decided that this primark sundress would go with them ok..having worn it, i'm now not sure i like it, so will be listing it for sale on the blog i think as soon as it's washed and ironed, i just wasn't too happy with it..
speaking of the blog sale page, i haven't updated in ages, as i don't hink anyone is really interested, but i do have a lot of dresses which i cleared out in the recent wardrobe clearout, so i may list them there before getting rid of them..

the heels are part of the shoe challenge, and i think the only pair of shoes i own from french connection, purchasd a few christmas' ago in their winter sale for about £16 if i recall..i have never been all that certain about the chunky heel, but i love the mustard colour, and os have hung on to them for that alone..

Thursday, 28 April 2011

contemplating life on mars..






these photos are from a few wks ago when we had that first weekend of sun which sent everybody mental..a few weeks before, one of my best friends flew off to new york and got married, in secret, not telling anyone until it was done - they have been planning the NY wedding for a while, but it had been scheduled for next summer, so it was a suprise to recieve the text, but a nice suprise as it's removed all the stress from the day for them, and they managed to have the wedding they ultimately wanted :)

so our other two friends had arranged a suprise hen party trip for her (prior to them running off to NY!), which ended up being once she was already married (still with me, here?!) basically they came to visit, and we had a champagne picnic by the river near my house in the afternoon, and then headed out for a meal / cocktails in the evening..

i forgot to take a pic of my actual outfit, but it's fairly visible in the sewing pic..lis forgot to bring her pjs so i offered to make her a pair when we got back, so this is a pic of me cutting out and sewing at about 1am. much to the delight of the other two - not! :Z they turned out ok though for being such a rush, and she's modelling them in the last pic!

it was such a lovely day, and i think we all really needed it :) it certainly took my mind of recent misery and i haven't laughed so much in a while!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

let the sun shine..

i would like some sunshine please = lots of it!


when the sun was out a couple of weeks ago, i finally got a chance to dig out this playsuit- i purchased it from the sale in vera moda in liverpool last year, drawn to the bright floral print of course - and wasn't sure if i would ever be brave enough to wear it out of the house, but i did, as the weather was so lovely..

i did read someone's blog (sorry i can't rememebr who to link to the post) which was saying "if you are super rough, don't think you shouldn't cover it up just because the sun is out" and i'm thinking perhaps that applies, but as i only went as far as my garden, maybe it wasn't too bad..roll on summer, as i am not getting a holiday this year, i would at least like to 'catch a tan' (another phrase i stumbled across this week)..

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

thinking oh, is it love..


a new purchase from george at asda as i was perusing the aisles and waiting to meet my friend at the cinema last week..i like the brightly coloured stripes, it reminded me of an ice lolly, and recently i seem to be v drawn towards tshirts with pockets..not that you can use those tiny little pockets, they are a bit useless i guess..but i'm thinking that teamed with my red tulip skirt this could look rather nice and summery :)

Monday, 25 April 2011

it's been a bad day, please don't take a picture..



apologies for the dodgy dark photos here, i dont' know anything about photo editing softwares so i don't know what to do to make them lighter, and i hadn't realsied until the next day that they had turned out quite so badly, as i was rushing to get out of the house..
this is the outfit i wore out to drinks with some friends a few weeks ago now, and i rather like this dress - it is a recent primark one, and i have worn it to the office before, but i think it also dresses up well for heading out.. it was warm enough that evening not to require heels, and i teamed it with some rather plainish taupe asos heels which have some lovely crossover patent straps..i used to shop a lot from asos, but i have to admit that i haven't been on the website in ages now, has anyone had any recent bargains from there?

Sunday, 24 April 2011

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens






the other dress i purchased from the 20% off event in matalan last week..i had seen this one on the website before it was in store and i loved it, so it went on the "list" - i have a constant wishlist, which i write into my diary each month (daily planner diary, not "dear diary..."!) to remind me of the things i have seen and liked..if i get to the end of the month and haven't remembered they are on the list, they get crossed off, as i didn't like them enough to buy sometimes works..

so this halter dress looks nicer on than i had anticipated..i really like the bow detail, although it seemed weird to me at first that it was in the middle of the waist, not to one side..i wasn't sure if it would be waay too short, as i have seen that others who have it had said it was short, but it's longer than the nautical one i also bought, and i don't feel like it's too short..that said i did opt for flat shoes with it, maybe it would be too short with heels..

i'm not sure really where i'm uyp to with the shoe challenge - i haven't taken a picture everyday as i had intended, what with one thing and another and not always being home..but it has done one of the things it set out to, which was to get me wearing some of the pairs of shoes which i haven't worn before, and stop me just rotating the same few pairs..

this pair were a cheap ebay purchase a long while ago, and have been in the drawers where flat shoes live for ages, and i thought the mint green colour would go ok with the colours of the dress..i like the kitty print, and i know it's a great 'marmite' debate amongst irregular choice fans, but i don't really mind the mushroom toe..i have a lot of the styles of these flats from a few yrs ago, and i think the fronts are quite nice, but i am aware that some people feel they're more like "pig feet" :S

all in all i like the dress, i just wish the weather had been a bit more sunny for it! :) happy easter to everyone!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

meet me on the equinox, meet me halfway..



i was inspired to wear this outfit a little while back after one of  my posts ended up with a couple of comments telling me to check out Get Cutie if i didn't already know of them..they are a brighton-based brand who make handmade skirts and dresses in retro fabrics, and this reminded me that yes, i do in fact own quite a collection of their fabulous printed skirts, and also a couple of dresses which i don't think have had the wear they after the wardrobe clearout (phase1 anyway) was complete, my skirts didn't require quite so much digging out, and i decided i fancied cracking out one of the patterned ones..i really like the design on this, and eagle-eyed readers may recognise that i have a pair of irregular choice kitten heels which have a very similar, if not the same, print on them..i didn't wear them together - not sure i could cope with being quite that matchy matchy..

next on my Get Cutie wishlist is this Circle Skirt  in sewing machine print fabric - amazing!! :)

Friday, 22 April 2011

you talk like a fish, in nonsensical bubbles..


as it's traditional and all, here are some fish for good friday..this is the tank of fish who live in my office at work..there are currently a mixture of danios and minnows, and two pleckos, who 'suck' the glass and are rather amusing to watch..
the tank used to have regular goldfish in, but they wouldn't stop growing (obviously) and so eventually i had to catch them and relocate them to the goldfish pond in my parents' garden.. so i went for these littlies as their growing speed wouldn't be so great..i didn't think about the fact that they manage to blend in nicely with the gravel so are sometimes difficult to spot..the pleckos have names (bonnie and clyde, named by my sister) but the others don't, as they are all v similar and move too fast!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

no particular place to go..


i have 11 days off over easter, i don't think i've ever had that much time off work in one go before, and i'm worried that i won't be able to think of things to fill my time with..
but then i remembered this parcel which lovely VIX sent me a little while ago, and i have added "sewing - a lot of" to my ever=growing list of things to do over the time off..

it does mean, however, that i will be without internet access - i figure that if i get the internet at my flat i will never get anything done, as i seem to waste so much time on does mean i will not be able to comment on blogs for a little while, as my phone doesn't like it..sorry, and i hope everyone has a nice easter (i have scheduled some posts for the time away!) :)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

here by my side, in my summer..



i'm not sure what it was that drew me to them, but i tagged along to primark with my mum and little sis last week and ended up with these trousers..usually i hate trousers! but i think the colour of this pair had something to do with it..i tried them on in the shop - something i NEVER usually do - and thought they were fine, but when i came to wear them on sunday i think i have done my usual and overestimated the size of my giant thighs/hips/waist area..i had to hold them up with a belt, but there is something about tight-fit / skinny trousers which kinda scares me, i'm convinced i'm too big for them, so i try to avoid them at all maybe i prefer the fit like this..
another new purchase - well in fact the entire outfit was new - the floral sandals..also from primark, they had a lovely selection of  sandals at the moment, but i had a bit of a task finding something suitable - i have some kind of weird phobia about my ankles, i can't stand anything touching them, of potentially catching them - i'm not sure why, but it means that i'm quite particular about sandals which zip at the back of the ankle..these were ok as they have another layer of fabric between the zip and the foot so i don't have to freak out..
as for the top, i love the fabric, and the peter pan collar detail, it was a 'new in' at tesco clothing - available here on the website and in a few different colours - and for £10 i think it was a bargain..i went for this colour as the collar was all white whilst the others seem to be matched to the fabric print, but they were all lovely and it wears well..i felt quite weird in trousers, but i *think* i like them...

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

on sleepless roads the sleepless go..




apologies for my hair in these photos, that is what happens when i go to sleep on it without drying it first :S
so another pair of new shoes (by which i mean a pair which have lived in their box on top of one of the wardrobes for at least a year and been neglected, until now)..i have no idea what number pair these are..i have 11 days off from friday, and plan on making a list of things to do if i can't sort out a few days away, so maybe one of the things on the list should be "count shoes - make a shoe inventory"..but i think that would take a long time..
anyway - the shoes are from office, and were a gift from my sister for my birthday last year..i love nautical stripes, and the kitschy hearts on the fronts make me smile..i was inspired to dig these out after seeing a picture on llara's blog a little while ago, which made me think i had a pair which i didn't think i had ever worn! they are really nice and comfy, and a lovely height!
as for the dress, i went to matalan on my way home the other day and discovered that they had a 20% off offer on all dresses and jumpsuits, and managed to whittle down the armful of beautiful be beau dresses to just two..this is the first of them, and i do rather like it - i am such a big fan of stripes and florals together, and i loved the pretty coral-red tones in the print..i think it's a lovely fit, and at £20 in the offer, it was a total bargain! did anyone else take advantage of the 20% off event at matalan? i think they are already coming up with some lovely pieces this season, i had seen soeme things i liked on the website and was really pleasantly suprised to see so many of them in my local store, as it's a relatively small one..

in other news, i am pleased that i managed to motivate myself enough to go for a run last night, although i didn't feel well at all by the end of it..i'm not very happy with the way my fitness / weightloss is going, i seemed to get off to a good start and then it seems to have slowed down again, but still..i'm just scared of putting all the weight i had managed to lose back on again :( not that it was a huge amount, but a start nonetheless..

also, i am currently without a car, i am having major issues with the garage who are being stupid about the warranty and what it does / does not cover in terms of a manufacturer's fault on the windscreen..but after a lot of time reading t+c's and putting together my complaint documentation, it looks as though it will be fixed tomorrow..yay! i do feel strangeley lost without it..

Sunday, 17 April 2011

i'd drive a hundred thousand miles..

The second book from Gem's bookclub was this one..i have to say i enjoyed it much more than first one we read (Room, see my review here if you like..), although (as seems to be the case with anything i review, i've noticed) i've still managed to be mean about it in my review below..

Sister - Rosamund Lupton  

The basis of the book is that Beatrice gets a call that her sister is missing and immediately returns to London from her home in New York.. She spends the rest of the book trying to find out what happened to her sister...

From the first few pages of this book, I was hooked and desperate to find out what happened to Bee's sister. I think this was due to the affinity I felt with Bee when reading her descriptions in the first couple of pages describing the things she and her sister used to do to get messages to each other , which struck a chord and reminded me of things my sister and I used to do when we were younger. I think this heightened my disappointment when Tess' body was discovered.
From there onwards, I think the story started to get less and less believable. Whilst I appreciate that the grief associated with the loss of a sibling you were close to would have a huge effect on someone, would they really not think twice about leaving their home, job, and letting their fiance go without a second thought? This all seemed a little odd, as Bee became consumed to a point of obsession with proving everybody wrong and finding the 'truth' about the circumstances surrounding her sister's death - nothing else seemed to matter to her, to such an extent that as a reader one starts to question her grip on reality.
I think that the fact that the book was written as a letter to Tess makes it a little more difficult for the reader to follow, with a constant flicking between narrative stances; this could be the reason it seems to be so easy for Bee to become repetitive in some instances, and to often go off on a tangent. Perhaps this is intentional, along with the repetition of some words and descriptions, which become a little irksome after a while.

Personally, what I would have wanted from a murder mystery of this type, is a long build-up of tension, leading up to a crescendo ending, and a feeling of relief when the twists are unravelled. I can't say that this happened in Sister; the ending seemed a little rushed, which I felt weakened the 'twist', and I didn't really feel a lot of tension building up until the last couple of chapters - there were a couple of characters who had a lot more potential to play a larger part, in particular Tess' teacher, but I felt he was dropped out of the plot fairly suddenly in the rush to finish the story off.

As much as there were a few things which I found frustrating, I did read the book with ease - it didn't annoy me enough to put it down. It did keep me guessing until fairly close to the end twist being revealed, so the mystery element was there to some extent. I'm glad it was chosen as I wouldn't normally have picked it up. and it whiled away an afternoon so I'll award it 7/10.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

nice day for a drive to the city..




i'm afraid i'm still playing catch-up, this was my outfit from monday as i was in a total rush..
some more irregular choice shoes - i have given up on my numbering system, as i know i have missed a few days this week, and also i wore some at the weekend and totally forgot to take any photos..but i am still making an effort to wear more of the shoes which don't get much wear..this pair of irregular choice fruity heels are of the 'comfy' heels mould they seemed to use a few yrs ago for all of their heels, i have various different heels from schuh a few yrs back which all seem to be the same shape and height, and i find them so easy to wear..i did my day at the office, and then a two-hour trip around tesco to do my food shoppping for the holiday..
i picked out this pair of shoes as i had found this monsoon dress in one of the wardrobes and ironed it at the weekend with plans to wear it in the next week or so, i love to do that now that my wardrobes are that much clearer and it's more easy to see what i have! i can't remember where it came from (monsoon or ebay) but i have always loved stripes and florals together, and i figured this yellow handbag and the bright bangle went well with the colours in the shoes and the dress for a not-quite-summery day after that warm weekend!

Friday, 15 April 2011

a disco ball is just hanging by a thread..





sorry to have been a little AWOL for the last few days, i have been away and whilst i had meant to schedule some posts before i left, i was in a bit of a last-minute panic and just didn't get time to..but despite the panicking all went well with the trip and a lovely time was had by all so it was totally worth it  :)

today's outfit, and back to the shoe challenge with a pair i won from ebay last year and hadn't yet worn..i really love the owl at the front, it sort of makes me think of 'hedwig' from harry potter..? and whilst i am not usually a fan of mid-height heels, the owl and the bright orange colour outweighed that.. in fact, today i chose them partly for the height, as i wanted to wear them with this lovely dress from the tesco clothing website..

a few weeks ago i was lucky enough to win one of the discount codes Em at Passion for Fashion was giving away..cue much deliberation over which dress to order - in the end i went for this one as i love the oranges in the floral print, and the bow and the peter pan collar and i figured that as the other one i'd narrowed it down to is available in my local store, i would probably get that one as well at a later date..

i hadn't ordered from Clothing at Tesco before, but i would use them waas very easy to get through the checkout process and add in my voucher code, as well as linking it to my clubcard to get some points on what i had ordered as well..the delivery time was great; well within the suggested time and i was very pleased with the dress itself..

my only reservation with this dress was that i wasn't sure what the length would be like on has a  nice net ruffle at the bottom of the lining layer, which gives a nice shape, and i think stops it from riding up, which is good..i would maybe have gone for something a little longer instore, but i think with the black tights it doesn't look too short..hence the mid-heels, which are proving to be insanely comfortable  - why haven't i worn these before!?!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

this could be all i've waited for..


another quick outfit catch-up (i have been looking through and realising that i have a few outfits from the last couple of wks which i thought i had posted already but clearly hadn't..
this dress is by george @ asda but i got it via ebay, and i always forget about it..i found it during the wardrobe clearout and remembered how well it goes with this pair of pink and grey irregular choice shoes..i think i've worn the two together quite a few times, but added the cardi and think they're ok together..i found so many forgotten-about cardigans as well, maybe i should do a cardi challenge next!

Friday, 8 April 2011

i thought that i heard you laughing


Shoe Challenge Day 7

outfit: on this morning i had one of those horrible mornings where you try on several outfits and end up feeling awful in all of them - i feel really fat this week and therefore am not liking the look of anything :( eventually i settled on a dorothy perkins dress which i have had for years, and always like when i wear it..i think it was an ebay purchase, but it's so long ago i can't really remember..


shoes: these pair of raspberry glitter heels were a sale purchase from office a long while ago, and i always forget about them..having decided on the dress first, i had a route through all of the shoe boxes stacked on my wardrobes for some heels in a colour which would pick out the pattern  on the dress, and i figured this pink would do rather nicely..these have a lovely bow and mary jane strap on them which i like, but i was never that much of a fan of the chunky heel, usually i would go for something  a lot more narrow, but i think there are a lot of shoes in the shops at the moment with big chunky heels, so maybe this is their time to shine....?


general ramblings: this week seems to be getting more and more crazy as the days go on! i am running out of time to get things sorted for my guides holiday next week, and don't feel as though i'm anywhere near organised for it yet ! in addition to that i have a LOT of sewing commissions backing up, and various projects which i need to get finished - i am just not finding i have time for anything at the of them could really do with being done by tomorrow, and as yet it's not even cut out.. argh! let alone the things i want to make for myself..
also i feel like i'm failing with the blog a little bit, i have a huuge list of htings i want to post about, and then never seem to have any time to get them written etc..

Thursday, 7 April 2011

i've been thinking, take me now, i'm in too far..

April Shoe Challenge - Day 6


sometimes i think i put my outfits together the wrong way round..i came home to a parcel containing this lovely necklace yesterday evening, which i won in the giveaway which Sarah hosted recently at amilliondresses..i decided that i needed to wear it right away (well, the next morning, anyway), and proceeded to hunt for a dress which i could put with it..and then some shoes..this topshop dress was a sale purchase ages and ages ago, i can't even remember when..i haven't worn it very often, and even considered selling it on ebay last year as when the alice in wonderland film hit the cinemas this dress seemed to be selling on there like hot-cakes..but i decided against it..i like the pattern, and the flippy sleeves..they just don't look so great under a cardigan, so it's probably a dress best worn on a warm day or you end up looking like you're wearing shoulder pads (which i hate!)..the other thing i am not so sure about is the length of it..i tried it with the shoes and a pair of normal (nude) tights, and i was scared by the amount of leg on in order to wear these heels i switched to black tights and took a black cardi with me for work - and i was told i looked nice when i got there so that has to be good, right?!

as for the shoes, they've been seen a lot recently, but i wore them today as i thought they'd go with the colours in the dress, and also it would stop me wearing them again for the rest of the month..i have been relying on them quite a lot recently, since picking them up in primark when i was last in liverpool..but i guess on a cost-per-wear basis that makes them a bargain!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

coming out of my cage..




this is a quick outfit catch up from a couple of weekends ago, so not part of the shoe challenge, (which i plan to extend into next month to make up for the days i will miss by being away next week)..
after being on the "to look out for" list for a while, i finally spotted the seashell print dress on a speedy trip through primark..i wasn't as impressed with it to begin with as i had been from the pictures..for some reason i had it in my mind that it would be a much more substantial dress, not one of the cheapy sundress ones which they have every year in a million different fabrics..a little frustrated, i added it to my basket and at £9 figured i would give it a try at home and see what i sat around miserably for a little while until i needed a quick outfit for an impromptu invite to a friends' for tea to cheer me up, and chucked it on with a pair of topshop sale leggings and this giant oatmealy cardigan from primark..the colour is a kind of orangey coral, which i  figured gave me a chance to wear this bird necklace..i managed to pick this up in matalan a little while back for £4, which amused me as i know there was a very similar, if not identical one, in the freedom section at topshop section for about £12!
after wearing the dress, i'm not as disappointed as i had expected to be with the shape or the fit..the only thing i don't like is the ridiculous ruffle which goes all the way around the top of the hangs funny at the bakc and even after ironing it stuck out and made me feel like a hunchback, so the dress is now in my alterations pile..which i will make some progress with one day when i have tidied the flat, which is currently trashed :( and also found time to write all the letters, make all the clothes and send all the parcels i have been meaning to, as well as the things i want to make for myself..oh for another day in the week !! i did get around to making a few cards the other day, although not as many as i need over the next few wks! here are the ones i made at the weekend - in a rush!