Friday, 29 April 2011

all this talk about adam and eve, doesn't cut the mustard with this little piggy..





i wasn't really aware of how shiny these holdups were when i wore them the other day - eek! i'm not sure if i like them or not looking at the pics, but when i was in matalan the other day i was rather pleased to discover that they had a whols display of stockings and holdupe, which i seem to spend my life not being able to find ! sometimes i totally prefer them to tights, but i have the same problem that i have with tights in that i seem to wear them once and manage to ruin them, so i was very happy to see that they are all priced at £2/pair in matalan, which i think is very reasonable..i'm not sure about the glossy finish now though..

i dragged thses shoes out of the large pile of shoes-with-no-boxes, and decided that this primark sundress would go with them ok..having worn it, i'm now not sure i like it, so will be listing it for sale on the blog i think as soon as it's washed and ironed, i just wasn't too happy with it..
speaking of the blog sale page, i haven't updated in ages, as i don't hink anyone is really interested, but i do have a lot of dresses which i cleared out in the recent wardrobe clearout, so i may list them there before getting rid of them..

the heels are part of the shoe challenge, and i think the only pair of shoes i own from french connection, purchasd a few christmas' ago in their winter sale for about £16 if i recall..i have never been all that certain about the chunky heel, but i love the mustard colour, and os have hung on to them for that alone..


  1. i love the sturdy heeled shoes, Its the style I love most.

  2. I have that dress too, not worn it yet though. I think you look great in it and I love your shoes xxx


    (when I opened my presents from you yesterday my mum was like "is that the shoe girl?") famous!

  4. You look lovely, and the design of the shoes is really cute. There's an award for you on my blog too :) xxx

  5. I LOVE your shoes! The dress is also v.cute x

  6. Oh I kinda love this dress actually! But I know the feeling if you're just not comfortable in something. Awesome shoes too :)

  7. I have that primark dress, washed and dried it once and it shrunk, now barely covers my arse :( not impressed! On another note, i love them shoes!

  8. Hmm, I do perhaps think they're a bit too shiny but maybe that's just the effect of the camera? I find tights sometimes look massively different in real life as compared to photos.

    Those shoes are lush.

  9. Those shoes are AMAZING! I'm not a fan of glossy tights but they always show up more on photos!

    Maria xxx