Sunday, 24 April 2011

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens






the other dress i purchased from the 20% off event in matalan last week..i had seen this one on the website before it was in store and i loved it, so it went on the "list" - i have a constant wishlist, which i write into my diary each month (daily planner diary, not "dear diary..."!) to remind me of the things i have seen and liked..if i get to the end of the month and haven't remembered they are on the list, they get crossed off, as i didn't like them enough to buy sometimes works..

so this halter dress looks nicer on than i had anticipated..i really like the bow detail, although it seemed weird to me at first that it was in the middle of the waist, not to one side..i wasn't sure if it would be waay too short, as i have seen that others who have it had said it was short, but it's longer than the nautical one i also bought, and i don't feel like it's too short..that said i did opt for flat shoes with it, maybe it would be too short with heels..

i'm not sure really where i'm uyp to with the shoe challenge - i haven't taken a picture everyday as i had intended, what with one thing and another and not always being home..but it has done one of the things it set out to, which was to get me wearing some of the pairs of shoes which i haven't worn before, and stop me just rotating the same few pairs..

this pair were a cheap ebay purchase a long while ago, and have been in the drawers where flat shoes live for ages, and i thought the mint green colour would go ok with the colours of the dress..i like the kitty print, and i know it's a great 'marmite' debate amongst irregular choice fans, but i don't really mind the mushroom toe..i have a lot of the styles of these flats from a few yrs ago, and i think the fronts are quite nice, but i am aware that some people feel they're more like "pig feet" :S

all in all i like the dress, i just wish the weather had been a bit more sunny for it! :) happy easter to everyone!


  1. I have to say I'm a but unsure about the toe style of these shoes... Your dress is so pretty. you always dress so colourfully, I love your style :)

  2. We are wearing the same dress today, it seems! Looks lovely on you c: and I love your shoe choice! x

  3. Love this dress.....and you bought a nautical one.....think you may have got the same one I did!!Can't wait to see you wear it, think I'm saving my for my holidays xxx

  4. I love this dress it looks lovely on you :)

    Maria xxx

  5. Much as I love those shoes, you know my thoughts on trotter toes!

  6. I've never seen anything like those shoes! Love the colours on you xx