Friday, 22 April 2011

you talk like a fish, in nonsensical bubbles..


as it's traditional and all, here are some fish for good friday..this is the tank of fish who live in my office at work..there are currently a mixture of danios and minnows, and two pleckos, who 'suck' the glass and are rather amusing to watch..
the tank used to have regular goldfish in, but they wouldn't stop growing (obviously) and so eventually i had to catch them and relocate them to the goldfish pond in my parents' garden.. so i went for these littlies as their growing speed wouldn't be so great..i didn't think about the fact that they manage to blend in nicely with the gravel so are sometimes difficult to spot..the pleckos have names (bonnie and clyde, named by my sister) but the others don't, as they are all v similar and move too fast!


  1. Ooh fish! I could spend hours watching them - I love aquariums! (even if I can't spell aquarium!)

  2. I am quite shocked with myself for forgetting that Good Friday was fish day! I'm out for a meal later - will have to see if I can be persuaded away from meat for a change.

  3. Ahh I love fish, you're so lucky to have a tank in your office! We can't even keep plants alive in our windowless bunker :(