Monday, 9 May 2011

give me the song and i'll sing it like i mean it..


uh oh, i just came to write a post for today and realised that i had got so into the sewing this weekend that i forgot to take any outfit photos..i'm still really not feeeling so great, but have managed to have a good (and productive) wweekend in spite of the pain..

on friday night i went to the woman's house who is helping me with my dressmaking skills - i had cut out and tacked the darts on the bodice of the dress we had decided to tackle, in order that i could try it on for size and alter as necessary. i have a lot of 'homework' from the session, but in the end it will be worth it as i will be able to alter the actual paper pattern to make sure that in future when i make this dress it will fit me perfectly, which will cut down the hassle in the long run! when i got home i made some cards which i've been meaning to do for a while now - think these turned out rather well!

my saturday was spent at the showground overlooked by my house, at a scout and guide activity day..i went with my friend and a group of girls from her unit, and we spent the day doing all manner of exciting activities including kayaking on the river, rock-climbing and abseiling from the tower they had set up, rifle shooting, archery and well as a bit of time spent on the bouncy castle! despite the odd shower, it was a good day, and was being done as a bit of a practice for a camp which is planned for next summer, which i have volunteered to be on the planning committee for as another part of my QG award..

as i still wasnt' feeling that great, i spent my sunday mainly sewing, interspersed with housework..i managed to get a few projects finished which have been in the to-do pile for a while, like this skirt which a friend requested from the same fabric i made a dress from a while ago:


the only thing is that i tried it on and it fits me really well, and i maybe want to keep it :S but it's better off being sold to my friend to go towards my bills next month !

i also 'boshed my way' through the pile of alterations which have been sitting around since i had my wardrobe clearout - i was a bit choosy and picked the easy things, as i don't yet have an invisible zipper foot for my machine, and oreplacing zips will be a lot easier when i have one..but this dress i'm rather happy with:


i purchased it from ebay for 99p last year, mainly because i had bought a few other items from the same seller, and when it arrived i was a bit annoyed at how huge it was on me..i have taken it in at the sides and added some darts to the front and now it looks less like a sack and more like something i could wear when we next get some sun!

and then i began something else, using a dress pattern i haven't made from for years - it was the first pattern i ever bought, to work on when i was doing my dressmaking classes..i got the bodice / lining done before work this morning, so it shouldn't take too long before it's here in all it's finished glory!



  1. Haha, do I sense a little of my influence is rubbing off in the use of the word "bosh"?

    I'm off to tackle the rest of my alterations mountain. Maybe it'll make me feel braver about making something from a pattern!

  2. Love the dress you altered!

  3. This reminds me i have an unfinished dress lurking around somewhere. Damn now it will bug me until it's finished. Will be worth it as i'm making it in skull fabric! Shame i am a total novice with patterns, lots of fluke!

    Love that ski skirt, i would be tempted to keep it too!


  4. You are so talented, I really wish I could do dress-making! I will have to commission a dress :D

    Maria xxx

  5. I love that adorable skirt! I really admire your creativity. I wish I had the patience to learn dressmaking but I think I give up on things too quick

  6. Gosh Char you are so talented, I really envy your dressmaking skilss! What a great skill to have x

  7. Still loving that ski fabric!! You're so lucky to be getting one on one tuition, can't wait to see how the dress fits xx

  8. Another great print. The dress is a bargain and will look fantastic on you. Well done on your dressmaking skills. I can't even sew a button on! xx

  9. Well done on all the hard work, cant wait to see the finished dress! Think I may be tackling some alterations on Friday - if Mother's Sky tv doesnt distract me... :)

  10. Squee! The skirt's awesome! You're one talented lady.

  11. Brilliant outfit altering and making!!!!!
    And love your cards, really fab! Do you know, the thin writing with the blobs on the end is the font I used to do ALL my posters at school in for a time- I had completely forgotten it until I saw your card- must resurrect it- thanks for the reminder!