Saturday, 21 May 2011

gravity's weaker when you're near, my dear..






i'm so lookiong forward to a relatively relaxing [boring? maybe.] saturday. having spent the majority of the last 10 days at my parents' house to house-sit, and then had an evening meeting the day i came home, and then friends for tea last night, i feel i haven't really been 'home' for ages..
is it sad that i'm actually relishing the prospect of housework, washing, ironing [my favourite chore!] and getting on with my first sewing commission through the blog - yay! i promise that the next thing on my list when things are a little less crazy at work is to set up either an etsy / folksy shop - i have to do some research on the difference etc..

anyway, onto my outfit - the dress is a h&m one from years back, via ebay i think. i love the print and the cut around the sleeves, which you can't really see in these pics..and it fits a lot better round the waist this time, last time i wore it i remember it being more snug, so i guesss that's a goood sign, even if the wii fit isn't showing as much weight loss as i'd like..i am at a bit of a standstill with keeping fit at the moment, i haven't been to the actual gym in a while, or runninng as my stomach pains seem to be worse when i try, but i did manage to get on the wii fit a few times last week and also did go swimming, which i guess must have done something..i would really like to get started on the 30 day shred which i keep hearing a lot about from other bloggers; can't wait to get my hands on a copy of it !

the cardi is just my ancient, go-to, topshop one which should be falling apart by now, i think i bought it as part of a mystery shopping assignment to my local topshop [otherwise there would be no way i would have paid £30 for a black cardigan] and i wore it all the time i worked in the bar in town, and with any outfit when i'm not feeling knitwear-inspired! cost per wear must be into the minus figures by now..

and thes shoes, they were from schuh in my trip to the sales at the bullring on new yr's eve just gone..i hoped that the colours in the lovely floral print would match the rusty colour of the hearts on the dress..

i'm hoping that everything is going to be a little less stressful next week, and that i will stop being so grumpy - i feel awful as i've been in a bad mood all the week and have been probably taking it out on people when i shouldn't..


  1. I love those shoes! I hope they're going to get your pains sorted out soon, they're holding you back as well as causing you pain. How frustrating. Hope things perk up soon x

  2. I hope next week is less stressful too! I've been snapping left right and centre.

    I LOVE that H&M dress on you, there is something quite Audrey Hepburn about it.


  3. Awww! I love your look! It's so fifties housewife chic in high heels! It reminds me of Gil Elvgren! Now you only need a cute pose and a vacuum cleaner pulling your skirt! :D

    Giveaway at London Last Night!

  4. I know what you mean, I've been looking forward to a night in on my ownm veging out on the sofa and watching crap on tv all week!!


  5. A stressfree week would be really lovely!

    Today has been quite nice and relaxed though. Hope you managed to plough through the ironing :)

  6. Love this dress, you look really slim Char, i also love the shoes in the background :)

  7. This dress is lovely and you look so gorgeously elegant!

    Maria xxx

  8. Hope the sun's cheered you up. Love the Shuh's xx