Sunday, 22 May 2011

i hope that the last page of your 800 page novel is missing..

i haven't done a book post in ages, and i have recently read a lot of books which i have really enjoyed..i've been continuing on my attempt to branch out a little from my regular genres and authors, and i think i have done so with some success..


i have recently read a couple of books by lesley lokko, who i hadn't read before, and i have to say i was impressed..i read Rich Girl, Poor Girl a couple of months ago, and then managed to devour One Secret Summer in the course of an afternoon on the beach in Barmouth during the easter week..i think that the tone of  Lokko's books seems to be a little more sophisticated and involved than the usual chick-lit genre, and hwilst both books seem to feature multiple plots, and various overlaps between key characters, i was pleased when i read my second of her books and found that although some vague similarities exist (there seems to be a reflection of the writers' african / london roots in her books) they did not seem to follow the same "recipe" as so many writers seem to of late..i have read a few books recently where i have really enjoyed the first one, and then wondered if the next one i've read of theirs was actually the same book with the names changed a little, so i was pleased when this did not prove to be the case..definitely an author to look out for if you haven't tried her..the only minor criticism i would have of both books is that they seemed a little too rushed towards the end, but perhaps that was because i was into the storylines, and the characters and wanted to know what happened further than the story..?

51kiiTN1h-L__SL500_AA300_as i ended up finishing the second one a little sooner than anticipated, and made my day trip a two-day-trip at the spur of the moment, we raided the second hand book stall in barmouth for some second-day beach readingwe ended up with 2 books for £1 and my choice was the tenth circle by jodi picoult.. not strictly a new writer for me, i have read quite a number of her books and enjoy them as, again, i'd say she's one of the authors right on the outer edge of female fiction, well away from the usual slush, and erring on the side of controversy in all of her books..i know her popularity has rocketed since the film My Sister's Keeper came out [it suddenly became a lot more tricky to find any of her books in their space on the library shelves!] and i think that's a good thing..The Tenth Circle was great, centred around the poem Dante's Inferno, [which i have to admit i have only heard of, but now am sort of inspired to read] and the various suggested levels of Hell, in parallel to the life of the main character..i found this one a lot easier to read than some of the other Picoult books i've read, although the daughter in the book who the story centres around really annoyed me as a character..


another book i have really enjoyed recently, and a huge jump from the usual type of book i'd go for - the noah's ark quest by boyd morrison, a fast-paced thriller based around the noah's ark story..i'm not at all religious, but who doesn't know the story of noah's ark, and i like the way the author has a completely unique twist on the thoery behind it..i don't want to give too much away about the plot; the daughter of an archaeologist who has gone missing whilst trying to find noah's ark is given a few cryptic clues by an associate of her father, and sets off on the trail, attempting to figure them out..i found it easy to fall into due to the fast pace and excitement..

i have to say that i've really enjoyed all of the above titles, and would choose any of those authors again in the future..i'm happy that branching out a little with my choices in the library seems to be working rather well..

p.s if you like the sound of  'the tenth circle' i think it will be featuring in my next giveaway, as i realise i have been waffling on for 300 posts now, and i would like to do something to celebrate that :)

also if anyone has any recommendations for me, i would really appreciate them - my family seem to have decided on getting me a kindle for my birthday next week, and i will therefore be on the lookout for any good reads or writers i haven't tried..

source of pictures is, which the links to the book titles take you to also. i have also linked to the writers' sites on their names..


  1. I really enjoyed 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett and 'Legacy' by Katarine Webb. Not particularly original suggestions- I picked them up after seeing them on the TV Book Club! Still, both were really engaging and interesting, and they're both 'well away from the usual slush'!

    If you want I could send them to you and we could have a book exchange?

    Liz x

  2. I've actually just bought bought the Noah's Ark Quest. I can't wait to read it. I'm currently reading something quite similar at the moment called The Genesis Secret which is really good.
    Gathering the Daisies

  3. if you're still after a good read, i can't reccommend "tender is the night" by f scott fitzgerald enough :) xx

  4. I shall add them to the list :)

    Did I recommend Stuart McBride to you? He writes crime fiction and they're really, really good.

  5. I love anything by Alexander McCall Smith- the No.1 ladies detective agency series, The Sunday Philosophy club series. I also love Eva Ibbotson- both her adult and kids books are mesmerising and beautifully written!
    Life of Pi by Yann Martel is also exceedingly intriguing!