Saturday, 7 May 2011

i want to fly away..



you may recall that i saw this bird print peter pan shirt on a wednesday want post at penny and lola, and totally fell for frustrating when it seemed to be sold out on the website, and unavailable in any store i called..i even tweeted and emailed miss selfridge and they ignored my query - ho hum..
so how excited was i when in chester a couple of weeks back with £20 in arcadia vouchers burning their way through my purse, and spotted it on the "last chance to buy" rail - just the one, and in my size - tres excitement, and it cost me all of  £2!!!
i have a bit of a 'thing' about shirts and blouse, and shirt dresses - basically anything which buttons up i guess..i'm not sure why but i always feel i can't pull them off very well..i spent the entire day here feeling conscious in the top, however, having now seen the photos perhaps it isn't as gapey as i had been imagining..
the skirt is the one i picked up around new year from forever 21, i haven't worn it all that much although i was sifting through my skrts the other day and realised that i don't really have very many which are plain..
the shoes have been featured before quite recently, just some irregular choice kitten heels in pretty blues..


  1. You look fab, love that shirt. I'm always really conscious in button up things, always feel like the whole world can see my boobs!

  2. Good job you managed to find it because you look fab. Its so pretty!


  3. Sweet baby jesus , £2 ! When you commented on the post saying you wanted it I didnt know you wanted it THAT bad aha. Looks laaaavly my dear ! xx

  4. This is really cute, now I want that top! :)