Wednesday, 4 May 2011

if you still care at all, don't go, tell me now..





i really like this outfit - and given the self-hate i've been in the midst of lately, that is no mean feat! i have to admit this week is not getting off to the best start, which is a shame since i have had a rather fabulous time off. (which i will post about soon!)
my stomach pains are back and worse than ever, i have had my doctors' appt postponed and it will now be at 7am tomorrow :S
also there are scary decisions to be made at work which is rather stressful..aside from that, i am stressing about money and bills more so than usual, as a result of the uncertainty with work i think, and incidentally have decided to be on a shopping ban for the month of may..which i think makes sense, as it's my bday at the end, so if there's anything i really cant' live without, perhaps it goes on the bday list?! also have added a few things to the blog sale page with some of the things i have cleared out of the wardrobe room recently, i will update as and when i get chance to take pics, back to work has meant back to mental life!

anyway, outfit - i went and me the girls in chester for the day on 'easter saturday' as lis had a lot of wedding gift vouchers which she needed help to spend..i didn't seem to need much help spending, i was excited to go to new look and check out some of the dresses i had bookmarked on the website, but was a little disappointed (although i won't say suprised!) to find that most of them were far too short to be worn in public by someone with such horrible legs..this one i did try on and like, however..the pattern, the cut and the length made me totally fall for it..and i couldn't wait to wear it, so when i was dragged out for catch-up drinks with a friend that evening,. i had the usual shoe dilemma, and then decided i would go all-out with the clashing florals! the topshop clutch bag is ages old, as i believe is the cardi - although shamefully it still had the tags on til this point!
the shoes are irregular choice, and were a gift, the gingham (actually is it gingham or tartan?!) / floral print always makes me feel summery..


  1. I loved this dress, and I bought it too; and then just ended up returning it because it was both too small on the waist AND the bust in a 16; may keep my eye out for an 18 c: x

  2. The bag is so pretty! I hope you are able to feel better soon, you poor thing!


  3. Such a pretty dress Char, love the clashing florals! I find New Look sizes to be a little off sometimes! Alot of dresses I have tried on in there have been far to tight on the ribs and too big in the bust!

  4. Love this outfit! So colourful and pretty :)

  5. Ooh this may be one of my favourites, v bright and pretty! Love the bag too, it somehow matches! :)

  6. Beautiful! What is it with New Look and their extremely short dresses? They must be putting off a lot of people.

  7. lovely dress, one of my favourites. the bag and are shoes amazing, love them. I hope you get yourself sorted out at the doctors <3

  8. Very cute dress!

  9. Such a beautiful outfit! I hope the doctors have been able to help you xx

  10. Finally commenting! I just love this dress on you and the accessories you paired with it make it so much lovelier.

    Love your blog! x