Thursday, 26 May 2011

let's make this happen girl, you're gonna show the world that something good can work..





the last day or so has just been RIDICULOUS! work is crazy, it's really stressing me out, i managed to lose my diary, which meant i was like "errrr, i dunno" everytime i was asked if i was free on certain days..i'm truly lost without it and will be wearing it on a chain around my wrist from now on..i jest, but i should probably be more organised..
i actually did nothing last night, literally got home from work and did nothing..i thought about writing my penpal letters and then considered making birthday cakes in preparation for having to take them to work tomorrow, and then just did not do it..i didn't do any tidying, or washing, or sewing, or anythying..i was in a grumpy mood as i was supposed ot have a friend for tea and she cancelled last minute - as usual..

my cba mood extended into this morning as well..i didn't bother with making lunch, and i couldn't be bothered to find a coat in the wardrobe, despite the rain, but i have managed to steadily chip away at my to-do list all day, and i am now feeling much more inspired to be productive this evening..

so i shall be baking, tidying, wii-fitting, washing, ironing and sewing..i haven't sewed anything fun this week, i got my first commission through my blog plea last week and that was finsihed and posted out so i'm pleased about that - i haven't had time to sort out etsy yet.i feel like i have no time for anything, but that's hardly suprising when i spent a whole evening falling asleep in front of csi - fail! :(

today's outfit - i dug out this skirt having been inspired by the lovely Gem who recently looked amazing here in her polka dot skirt - i've always been a bit wary of maxi skirts, i feel as though i really don't need anything which is going to make my bum and thigh area look bigger, or me look shorter..but i'm rather liking pleats recently, and thought i would give this a try..
gievn the sucky weather i added the cream tesco horse print jumper, hoping that i wouldn't overheat in it, and thankfully i have been fine..i tend to shy away from anything other than cardigans in the knitwear category, as i get too warm so often..

the necklace was a gift from my sister, brought back from her recent trip to china, and i love it ;)


  1. You look larvarlllly, I am so jel of that jumper, I want xxx P.s losing a diary is awful!!

  2. You look luvvverly, that jumper and necklace are both fab x

  3. Bum and thighs. Away with you - It's nice to see you in a maxi and that is cute

  4. I'm with Rachel, there's nothing more flattering and shape enhancing than a maxi. Hair's looking fab, too. xxx

  5. You look lovely, I really like maxis at the moment! I'm the same with overheating so I have been making the most of the rubbish weather at the moment :P

    Maria xxx

  6. love that horde print top! I have seriously lazy evenings sometimes, even though I have tons I need to be doing :s

  7. Very cute ensemble today! I know that cba feeling well, I don't feel I have a minute to myself sometimes! Glad your mood is lifting though :)

  8. At the risk of sounding like something off a reality show (I have been watching an awful lot of America's Next Top Model recently), you are rocking that maxi! In fact you've totally inspired me to wear one of mine tomorrow.

    If you ever get bored of that jumper, let me know!

  9. your polka dot skirt is lovely, it really suits you! thank-you for your lovely comment, looking forward to seeing how you style your hat! xx