Wednesday, 11 May 2011

now we're so far gone..hope is such a waste..

having read this post by Jen over at Little Bird, i was inspired to take a look back at my blog post from a year ago, and see if my style has changed at all..i am dreadful for getting easily bored with clothes, and when i was going through the clearout of my wardrobe room a while back, i was finding all kinds of things i had worn once, and then forgotten about in the depths of the heap of clothing..i think this is a lot more to do with me than the clothes themselves, and think that now is the perfect time to change this..i am having to cut back on my spending A LOT at present, things at work have meant that for the time being, wages are being halved, which is going to make everything a struggle, so clothes spending is out of the question until further notice..but that just leads on nicely to an effort to make more of what is already in the wardrobe..especially considering i tend to go shopping recently and see things which i already have similar versions of...saying that, i was interested to take a look at what i was wearing a year ago, like Jen did, and see if i still dress in the same way..

so back in time to an outfit post from 11th may 2010 -  here

 the first of the two outfits in the post was this toshop floral bloom sundress, which i haven't worn since this - shameful considering the fuss i made about having it (story of my life!), alhough i have to admit i did come across it in a pile of dresses which need ironing the other day, and think that i would get it out agian when the weather is nicer..
the leopard print cardi i actually wore when i was in north wales a couple of weeks back, as it had been in the wardrobe there for quite some time..and i brought it back ready to wear once more..i still own and would wear both of these items though, still very much my style..
second outfit from this post - h&m flamingo dress - i still love this dress, and wore it a couple of weeks ago for a day to meet my best friends in chester, it fits in well with the 50s inspired trend and prints that seem to be everywhere, and i have worn this dress a huge amount in comparison to others in my wardrobes!
as for the floral cardigan, i came across it when i was doing the wardrobe clearout and had totally forgotten i owned it; it hasn't been worn since this outfit photo was taken..
overall i wouldn't day that my style had changed a lot over the course of 12 months..i have been a little more adventurous, i have worn shorts, playsuits and even the odd pair of trousers, but i will always be a pretty frocks kind of girl at heart..i'm really appreciating this 50s trend, as there are so many gorgeous dresses around at the moment..(not that i'm shopping!)

finally - i added this picture again as it was on the same post from this time last yr..this was the dress i made during my evening classes as an introduction to dressmaking, and i just found the pattern again at the weekend and started it again in some pink floral loveliness..fingers crossed it turns out ok :)


  1. Because you like to dress in such a timeless style, you are at such an advantage!

    Imagine all the high street clones having to cut back and wearing last seasons stuff. They would probably implode (not a scientific explaination or fact)

    You have so many fantastic dresses and cardigans, why not do some sort of wardrobe challenge to really get best use of your forgotten items.


  2. Oh. My. Word. Love the dress you made. It's really impressive. Can't wait to see your latest attempt.

    P.S. Love the flamingo dress. xx

  3. This is an interesting post! I may do it when my blog hits 1yr old :)

  4. Love your flamingo dress and that one you made is brilliant, wish I had a mannequin!

  5. My favourite dress from the 3 you posted is the one you made! It looks a really nice shape and I like the shape of the neckline too.

  6. I think you should teach me to sew!

  7. Bet you'll have that new dress whizzed together in no time!

    You need to wear the Topshop frock soon methinks. No point expending loads of time and energy (and cash!) tracking something down if you never wear it...

  8. Love that dress you made- really impressive!

  9. Ooh prettiness, loving those dresses :)