Sunday, 1 May 2011

question my motives, just let down your walls..

a diffferent kind of post..i did have a few questions to answer, quite a few of my readers said that they'd like an 'about me' post.. ( about a million years ago !! )
thanks :) i'm usually hopeless thinking of answers for things like this, but i'll have a go..

If they made a film of your life, which actors would play the main characters?
i guess to answer this, i would have to figure out who the BIG characters in my life would be - arg!
to play myself, i wouldn't wantan a-lister, i really like bethany joy galeotti who plays hayley on one tree hill, so perhaps someone like her..the leading man? i'd like george clooney please - someone suave and sophisticated, and i do like an older man...
um, family-wise, i'll just choose one for my dad - james gandolfini, as he's a bit of a real-life tony..

Is there anybody you wish would just fall off the planet?
not really, not very often anyway..there is a girl i used to work with who i quite often see at the gym, and try to avoid having to speak to as she made my life hell when i worked with her, and now pretends to be all friendly - perhaps she could fall off the planet..? also perhaps paul o'grady as his voice just really irrritates me..anyone from the x-factor..
ok i better move on, otherwise the list will keep growing-  i didn't realise i wanted so many people to fall off the world!

What book and what single luxury item would you take if you were to be stranded on a desert island?
i think i would take my sewing machine and my trusty dressmaking book, so that i could keep busy..
or if i get one for my birthday (*fingers crossed*) i would combine the two and take a kindle!

What do you do to relax (you always seem so busy)?
i like to sew, it really relaxes me, anything crafty really although i am a bit impatient, so a bit hopeless at following ALL the steps of a pattern if i think that i can get away with cutting something out! i read a lot, and find that if it's a book i can really get into, that's always good to relax..
How many pairs of shoes do you own?
at the moment, i don't actually know the exact answer to that, but i do plan on making a list!

Stripes or spots??
both, together!

What is your favourite pizza topping?
pineapple and sweetcorn..weird, maybe - but it's my two favourite toppings!

Do you crack your knuckles?
frustratingly for all those around me, yes - and not just my knuckles- i also crack my wrists, ankles and knees, and sometimes my spine if i've slept a little odd..,of course i was told when i was younger that if you click or crack your knuckles it can lead to arthritis, but i am more recently told this is not the case..

Coffee or tea?
coffee, always - i don't like tea at all, although my mum tells me i used to drink it very sweet when i was very little..i only drink my coffee black, with no sugar, as i have a bit of a weird aversion to milk..

What three things are always found in your refridgerator?
i'm truly hopeless at remembering to go shopping for food, so there's not much..due to my recent smoothie obsession, there always seems to be natural yogurt..i always have a bag of spinach..and shamefully there is a jar of beetroot which has been in there since i moved in which i am a little too scared to investigate!

Favourite musician / band you have ever seen in concert?
all american rejects; they are always brilliant in concert, i've seen them four times now, and they are my favourite band. ever.

Have you ever been in love?
yes, it can be the best and the worst thing ever!

Do you talk to yourself?
quite often - mainly to tell myself i'm an idiot. usually for things like, forgetting to pick something up as i leave and having to go back upstairs for it, or trying to push a door which says pull..etc!

Favourite ice cream flavour?
mint choc chip, it was always a total treat flavour :)

What posters did you have on your bedroom wall when you were growing up?
during uni i had a superted poster on my wall, whilst i was growing up i really didn't have very many, as all my wall space seemed to be taken up with shelves (crammed full of books etc) and a tv on one of those gravity-defying bracket things..i do remember an a4 sized picture of david boreanaz, of buffy / angel fame, which was pinned to my noticeboard for a while!


  1. I too love pizza with pineapple and sweetcorn, as well as Davis Boreanaz posters! I talk to myself quite a bit, I think its perfectly healthy.

  2. Haha I do that whole talking to myself too - lucky projection is soundproofed cause I manage to swear a LOT! Your pizza toppings are the ones I cant stand tho hehe :)

  3. I love this post! Pineapple on pizza, mmmmmm xx

  4. Oh the beetroot will be fine - pickled stuff lasts forever.

    I am officially jealous of your Superted poster by the way.

  5. Great answers. Good questions too. I might give this one a go xx