Monday, 23 May 2011

simple as do re mi..

i haven't had a lot of time today, i forgot to take any outfit pictures as my pmind was elsewhere before i left the house this morning, and i also forgot to do any weekend i have decided to finally fill in this a-z i've seen on various blogs recently..
Age: 23 - will be 24 on sunday, though - argh!
Bed Size: Double, with jewels in the metal frame and 4 posts with curtains (i really wanted it when i was 14 and kinda sitll love the fact it's a princess bed!)
Chore you Hate: Cleaning the kitchen, i have the most annoying kitchen worktops ever, they look dusty all the time!
Dogs: I am really not a dog person.
Essential start of your day: Black coffee, no sugar.
Favourite Colour: Really depends what mood i'm in. Recently I've been really liking yellows and oranges!
Gold or Silver: i used to only wear silver jewellery, but am not so fussy now, i'm a costume jewellery girl, and will wear pretty much any colour..
Height: 5ft 6
Instruments I play: none - i couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.
Job Title: Office Manager
Kids: None
Live: Shropshire
Mum's name: Liz
Nickname: everyone calls me char. i don't have any exciting nicknames, not even an embarrassing guides one!
Pet Peeve: people who get in front of you on the pavement and then slow right down. i will walk into you if you don't move!
Quote from a movie: "you shoot me in a dream, you better wake up and apologize" - Resevoir Dogs
Right or left handed: Right
Siblings: 2 sisters, both younger
Time you wake up: alarm set for 6, usually awake by about 5am
Underwear: boring lace knickers, any colour
Vegetables you dislike: cucumbers make me sick
What makes you run late: trying to do too much and not knowing where to start..
X-rays you've had done: only teeth, although more to come soon :(
Yummy food you make: chocolate orange cupcakes have been quite popular recently..
Zoo animal: i'm a bit obsessed with tortoises!


  1. Love these nosey posts. Your bed sounds fabulous as dothe chocolate orange cupcakes x

  2. The chocolate orange cakes were absolutely scrumptious!

    When does the tortoise arrive?

  3. I want your bed!!!!! Sounds fab!!!!

    I always love your blog post titles!

  4. why is everyone taller than me?! Since when have lace knickers ever been boring, lol. I can't believe you are awake by 5am. My eyes wont even look the same way at that hour! I love reading through these.

  5. Oh god I hate slow walkers too! And drivers - the ones who pull out in front of you even though there's no-one behind and then do 10mph below the speed limit - gah!