Thursday, 19 May 2011

tears of a clown..





i really love this top, so at least my outfit can be kind of cheerful even if i'm not feeling it..i was inspired to dig out this top i had forgotten about after a lovely fellow pashley-owner remembered hers and posted a pic on it just me who forgets about items of clothing they own?! this is a h&m jumper i spent a long while tracking down on ebay in my size after seeing someone wearing it in the street in bham yueaars ago and completely loving it..the skirt is a primark one from last summer, and is probably too big for me, based on the fact i have had to safety pin it together to make it smaller..
and the shoes, ancient irregular choice pink sequin shoes with the perspex effect heel - love these, and oh so comfy! :)

so i'm hoping the outfit makes up in cheerfulness for my lack of..had another early morning dr appt following the blood tests last week, and they weren't able to come up with any conclusion as to the cause of my stomach pains, so have fobbed me off with a prescription for some tablets to take 3x a day indefinitely, and said it's probably IBS so watch what i eat..not helpful, and not particulary happy about it, i take enough tablets as it is!


  1. Darling, this is fabulous!
    I've also never met anyone else who had the same jumper - I love it so much & you look gorgeous!

    Sorry to hear about your stomach woes :(


  2. Love the combination of the tee and the skirt!

    I'm sorry you're not feeling good and that the doctors are being less than helpful, it makes a bad situation even worse. I hope things improve soon, hugs to you in the mean time x

  3. Sorry to hear about docs. If this pain does not settle keep going back and back, they will HAVE to do further investigations ~ don't let em fob you off.
    Love your look today, that T shirt made me smile. I had a whole bedroom decked out in Pierro as a teenager. I used to chase my brother round the house with the Pierro Doll as he was terrified of it ~ :)
    Kandi x

  4. I'm sorry about you not feeling too well, I hope they sort out what it is that's causing you pain soon! *Hugs*

  5. Oh how cute! Even if it is all pink ;-)

    The skirt is fab. Worth adding to the alterations pile so you don't have to keep pinning it?

  6. Such pretty colours :) Sorry to hear that the doc wasn't helpful. I find that too - wonder what some of them get paid for!!

  7. Gorgeous outfit even if the clown scares me a bit.
    Sorry to hear about the medical probs. Please get in touch with PALS (google it) if you feel the doctor isn't taking you seriously. xxx

  8. ARRGGGH i have to admit i had to scroll past your top as that print scares me! Love the shoes as usual! x

  9. I am a little scared of clowns but I quite like this tshirt!

    Maria xxx

  10. Your IC collection is bloody insane !!! You must have spent a fortune on them, they are amazing. Loving that top, reminds me of the old velvet clown pictures (80's kid) loves it xxxxx

  11. I have to say it, that clown picture is creeping me out! Love your skirt though x

  12. Love the glittery sequined shoes!

  13. i love the colours of your outfit, plus the floral pattern on the skirt is lovely! sorry to hear about your stomach, i dodn'y know what your symptoms are, but my mum used to suffer for bad stomach aches and years later found out that she had coeliac disease ( a wheat/gluten intolerence). xxx