Tuesday, 24 May 2011

these things i've heard about you in your stars..




This dress was one of my favourites for a long while, and i certaily got it's wear from it when i first bought it, abouyt 5 yrs ago now. i rarely buy anything full price from warehouse, but was completely taken in by the shape, print etc and quickly shelled out my £45 for it! as i haven't worn it in a while, i dug it out of the wardrobe this mornign whilst still thinking about cost per wear on certain items and what pieces in my wardrobes had been impulse buys and not worth what i paid for them..i need to make an effort to wear the ones which were, or get rid of them, and put the funds towards the holiday my sister has suggested i should accompany her on - ugh!

the shoes are obviously irregular choice..i couldn't decide what shoes would go with this dress, but went for these in the end as i didn't want to ruin these tights, and i find some of my irregualr choice heels with the teal-coloured insides stain tights with a colour transfer whcih i haven't managed to get out of them..

as for my week so far..i can't seem to stop feeling completely exhausted! this weekend i actually had to have a nap, which is not something i ever do. the only thing my recent blood tests did show was that i'm anaemic, again, so i'm puttin recent exhaustion down to that, and uppping the amounts of spinach i eat (which is actually a lot anyway!) but still..i do want to get some meal planning done though..

i'm also stressing about what my plans are for my birthday at the weekend, i thought i had it all sorted, but it sounds as though some of my friends have other plans now and so i'm having to try ans move things around to accommodate everyone, when really i am not really that fussed about doing anything anyway. but i will try to sort something out, i'd rather not do lots of different thigns with different groups of people, as i was trying to keep it a fairly low-budget event..oh well, i'm sure it will work out..

other than that i am turning my thoughts to guides-related planning. i am starting to worry that i won't get my queens guide award done, as i need to think of an 'exploration' trip and find enough willing people to come with me..and i am not getting very far with the planning of the trip to london - argh. and everyone keeps asking about it each week..(but none of them seem to offer to help with any of the organising)..i've lost one of the leaders who had been helping as well, so weekly meeting are requiring a lot more planning to be able to have everything sorted for all of the girls as i can't be everywhere at once and seem to have different groups doing different things..ugh! not that i don't enjoy it - i really do, just sometimes wish that people saw how much has to go on behind the scenes for their weekly 90mins of child-freedom! plus all of the not-particularly-related stresses that go with that!

anyway.  enough ranting..i hope everyone else is having a nice start to the week..


  1. Sorry to hear that you're having difficulties in planning your trip with the guides. I know how hard our brownie leader works, virtually single-handedly. Shame that some of the parents can't help.

    Hope you get your bday night out sorted to your satisfaction.

    Btw, re the banana guard - one size fits all apparently! xx

  2. I love those Irregular Choice shoes it's such a shame they can stain tights! I hope your week improves and you stop feeling so stressed and tired :( Hope you manage to get some rest and everything will work out ok in the end. x

  3. you put so much effort into your guiding. I hope they give you some darn appreciation! Your dress and shoes are adorable. How do manage to find so many great length dresses. I only ever find short ones and I like a longer skirt.

  4. What a shame that the guiding's giving you such a headache. The dress is glorious, worth every penny. xxx

  5. Don't stress about the birthday hun - just make some decisions and people should make the effort and fit in with them.

  6. OMG those shoes are divine and I love your dress


  7. I love that dress, it looks beautiful on you!
    Well done for your guiding efforts- It is great that you expend all the time on it! I completely understand how much effort it must take! We do a kids holiday club for a week every summer and we have planning meetings for about 3months before every week with loads of prep- they have no idea! You have to do that on a WEEKLY basis- eek!

  8. As always you look really pretty, and no worries re. the tree, Alex had a couple of tips so Mum and I are gonna attempt to revive it :) I hope you get everything sorted for your award and I will reply to your letter as soon as possible. Hope you're well. xxx

  9. Oh dear I was expelled from Brownies for swearing at Brown Owl. Probably for the best.

    You look lovely Char xx