Tuesday, 17 May 2011

try to pull things round, when the air starts to thin..




ok so i am feeling seriously self-conscious today..i'm just about getting used to these chinos, i love the colour, but there is still something weird about trousers to me..i don't think i will ever be a regular jeans-wearer again..
and for some odd reason this morning i thought it would be a wise idea to wear this blouse..i love it for the print, and the tie-nexk, but it's actually see-through and i'm freaking out hangs nicely (at least it isn't clingy) but i went to tesco on my way to the office this morning, and all the way around was full of paranoid thoughts that everyone else there was thinking 'omg look at that fat girl in the see-through shirt'..i think i lost my confidence somewhere between the house and the office..luckily most of the office is on a day off today, or out at meetings, due to the new half-time working arrangements, so there aren't that many people to comment..[today's outfit is completely primark]


  1. I think it looks amazing, weird to see you in it but you look fab.


  2. It is strange to see you in trousers but they look great on you :) The blouse isn't that see-through. Cameras especially emphasise see-through items but this looks grand!

  3. I love that blouse, so what if it's a bit see through ~ there is just a lovely figure to see underneath it! Meant to say, you looked amazing in the frock yesterday (couldn't comment from my stupid phone) you have a fabulous shape, I would kill for it!
    Kandi x

  4. I like the shape and the print, and how it goes with the trousers, but if it's making you feel self conscious because of its sheerness, than it's just not a good blouse! Clothes need to make us feel fabulous and empower us- that's what makes them awesome clothes :)

  5. You look perfectly good to me but Filipa has taken the words out of my mouth. If you don't feel confident in your clothes let them go. xxx

  6. I do love those trousers, such a gorgeous colour xo

  7. You look great Char. I think chinos are hard to pull off but you're managing it. I'm always late so I've often left the house without realising something's see through. It doesn't look it to me, you have nothing to worry about xx

  8. If the top is see through I can;t see through it. You look fab in blouse and chinos, they look great on you, but its so different to seeing you in a dress! Its nice to break the mould and push boundaries. I couldn't live without my jeans.

  9. Char in trousers! I think you look fabulous but like the girls have said above, if you are not happy in it, ditch it x