Friday, 20 May 2011

we call our own shots..



this is one of the most bargain pieces in my wardrobe in theory - the gingham bow top from tesco clothing was down to £1 in their sale a couple of months back and i picked it up without really giving a lot of thought to what i would wear it with / if i would even wear it..which following this post i read on a thrifty mrs' blog the other day, got me thinking about bargains, and whether something is a 'bargain' just beacuse it's cheaper than a new toothbrush...?

why did i pick it up - probably because i truly am hopeless when it comes to grocery shopping..even if i do go in armed with a list, i get waylaid, distracted by all of the pretty clothes in the clothes section, or the stuff in the camping aisle, or anything else..i really ought to meal plan, but i'm not organised enough to sit down and decide, so my list is never really complete, also because it was my size, on the sale rail and the £1 price tag, how could i leave that cute bow detail behind behind?!

then again, was my wardrobe really lacking a top like this?! did i really need something that reminds me a little bit of school dresses and which doesn't really flatter me that much  [check out the beer belly it gives me - i don't even drink beer!]?!

i guess that my recent changes at work have affected my thinking in terms of  spending and impulse i really need soemthing just becasue it's in the sale, or really pretty, or just left in my size so it must be fate...? probably not, and next time i do go shopping, i think the way in which i think about things before i impluse-buy them *may* have changed..maybe just a little, but since i am the queen of not-returning things, i think i will give myself a time-limit of a wk to wear something new, otherwise it goes back [and NOT into the wardrobe, tags still attached, never to be seen again]..

ok, so realistically, if i hadn't spent that £1 on the top, i probably would have spent it on something else in the supermarche, like fancy elderflower cordial, or some jaffa cakes, but i suppose the point should be the thoughtless purchase, rather than the actual amount, as looking through my wardrobe there are some equally ill-advised impulse purchases, which have been much more costly mistakes..

i suppose if this impromptu frugal lifestyle is teaching me to consider these things, it's a good start,'s also made me try to work into my outfits some of the things i haven't yet worn since purchasing - how else am i supposed to be able to figure out if i like them or not..hence the top..

as for the rest of the outfit, the skirt is an old favourite - a sale find from the warehouse sale rail a long time ago, and it has had plenty of have these shoes, beautiful cat print irregular choice heels with bows on the back, which i love and own in all the available styles / colours as they are so easy to wear! [so that probably makes them a bargain, right?!]



  1. Thsse shoes are amazeballs! I love all your shoes lol. I think I have either the same top or a very similar one that I got from Tesco a few months ago... but the shop left the security tag on it, and I can't find the receipt so I'm scared to go back and ask for it to be removed in case they think I'm a thief!! So it's never been worn. What a waste.

  2. I tend to think with clothes that's it's not a bargain if you won't wear it much or don't like it that much, and it sounds like you're not really very keen on that top. £1 in your pocket might not be much but all those impulse purchases add up.

    Meal plan challenge perhaps? I'm terrible at it too and keep meaning to get to grips with it but at least my cupboards are generally full - I worry about you in a Mother Hubbardy sort of way!

    I love my cat shoes. They really are ridiculously comfy aren't they?

  3. I like the skirt

    Good points about 'bargains'. I think I agree with Alex that you need to actually like something or it's not a bargain no matter how cheap!

    I also have a penchant for elderflower cordial... especially if you mean the one in the tall green tapered bottle! Also have a thing for elderflower & lime kopparberg :)

  4. Yeah I know what you mean about bargains, usually when I buy something new its something I totally love and cant wait to wear, but if I dont wear it in a week or 2 I usually return it - rather have a functioning wardrobe than giving Topshop all my money hehe! Kinda loving your top tho, the gingham print is lovely, and I cant resist a bow either! :)

  5. Don't worry I make alot of useless purchases =w=
    And no girl! You don't have a beerbellyyyy
    I love the top tho! The catshoes are really cute ^^


  6. Wow, that is a great outfit! I love each piece individually, too:) Those shoes are so great! xx

  7. i guess we should measure clothes and shoes in a cost per wear basis really. your shoes are cute even though I hate cats!

  8. Love love love those shoes, the bow and the print are amazing.
    I used to be really guilty of the impluse purchases, i have cut down so much, my clothes spending has probably quartered in the last year, sometimes i still cant resist a bargain though.
    I do meal plans for us and Seb even has a timetable of meals! After you've done a couple of weeks it gets easy to doxx

  9. Those shoes of yours are truly amazing!
    New follower of your blog and I'm enjoying going back looking at past posts! :D