Saturday, 11 June 2011

go into business with a grizzy bear..



i know it's a couple of weeks since my birthday now, but someone asked the other day and i realised i hadn't really mentioned it..i haven't really mentioned much at all this week, i feel pretty sick all the time with worry and that feeling of helplessness as i have no idea what is happening at work really, everything is crazy; i have no real criticism as everyone is doing what they can, it's just stressful..

anyway, more cheerfully, some of the lovely things which i was delighted to receive for my birthday a couple of weekends ago! the irregular choice shoes are ones which i have had my eye on for a little while now, and i can't wait to think of something to wear them with ! :)
and after being fairly unsure about them when they were first launched, i'm pretty much in love with my kindle! i'm still of the opinion that there is nothing quite so nice as the smell of a new book, but having used it pretty much every day this week, i can confirm that the kindle is great for reading in the sunshine whilst sunbathing, and it's so light and easy to pop into a handbag that i found it really useful on the early morning train i got earlier this week as welll..v useful for travelling! i'm always looking for book suggestions, too..


  1. Gorgeous goodies, I particularaly love your pig in a skirt!
    Kandi xx

  2. Uhooi,,
    Waw,, It's really cool,,

  3. I am loving those sparkly gold shoes! :)

  4. I hope you're feeling more yourself soon hun.

    Amazing birthday goodies, so jealous, especially of those Irregular Choice shoes!


  5. Is that a Kindle I spy? I lurve mine - the absolute best for holidays. Just don't drop it in the bath.

  6. What a lovely selection of gifts! Lucky you :)
    I have a giveaway going on at the mo!

  7. Shoe twins, yay! I'm desperate for a kindle for my birthday but that's a while off yet... xx

  8. Wow! What a colourful haul. You're friends know you very well. xxx

  9. :o irregular choice! i have a pair and i'm saving up for the next because the shoes are gorgeous. so jealous of your pair they're stunning! :D happy birthday :) lovely blog, i love the little dinasoaur you got :) following you! ronan x

  10. Can't believe I've failed to pick your brains about the Kindle! I am dozy.

  11. Ah, lucky girl! Hope work calms down for you soon! x