Thursday, 23 June 2011

just a face among a million faces..



this was monday's outfit - as soon as i got to the office, i was told i looked like a ballerina..but the guides seemed to love my shoes in the evening, they are currently awaiting repair as the sequin fabric is coming away from the side of the shoe, so i'm hoping a little glue will sort them out, as i like these shoes, despite the fact that they seem to draw (my) attention to my chunky calves more so than usual..
dress - be beau (matalan), shoes - irregular choice, cardigan - oasis (via ebay), duckling necklace - topshop

i'm still ridiculously busy at work, it's getting me a bit down, though i did manage to find a few spare minutes to update my blog sale page today, so do have a look if you can :)


  1. LOVE this outfit, you look gorgeous in that dress and the shoes are so cool!

  2. Well I did not visualise that the shoes would look like that! I don't know what I thought they would look like, but definitely not like that. They are fab btw. As is the frock, which is an amazing shape. And I love your hair up too.

    In fact, top marks from me ;-)

  3. Wow those green shoes are gorgeous!

  4. I love your green shoes and matching cardi. Its such a cute look, I'd love to wear it, you look great :D

  5. Those shoes are fab and I am in LOVE with that dress!

    Maria xxx

  6. Really nice dress and cute duckies :)

  7. That dress is SO pretty! :) xxx