Monday, 13 June 2011

leave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream..


why does it always seem to be the way that whenever i actually like an outfit lately, i either forget to take a photo, or i try to and realise that the camera battery is dead and i seem to have lost the charger - annoying..

hence i have no pictures from the weekend, and i have had to resrot to this one from last week, which i didn't get time to post..i had decided to wear this dress as it had been so long since i'd worn it - sometimes i have completely forgotten about something and then remember i have it, and decide i have to wear it again at the next possible opportunity - please tell me i'm not the only person who does this?!

the dress is from a small local boutique, i'm not sure of the make of it, but i like the print, and it has interesting detail to the back with it#s straps too (something else i should have got a photo of!) i decided that although they maybe weren't the BEST match, i'd wear my irregular choice RocKo heels, just because i love them!


thankfully i'm feeling a little more bright this week, i have had a nice weekend, and it's been good to stop myself worrying about work all of the time..i had a lovely day in manchester with alex, pearl, mrs b, zoe, danielle and helen, (photos borrowed from their blog posts as i failed to take my camera with me!) and then spent my sunday out with the family for my grandsd's birthday lunch..



  1. you're totally not the only one, i forget things all the time, sometimes i feel like i need to write memos on post-its and post them on my forehead or else i won't remember. and then sometimes i remember and i'm forced to do what i wanted to do asap because otherwise i'd forget. twisted, haha.

    love the dress, and from what i can see of the shoes, they're really cute too!

  2. you look so cute in the meetup photos, and you wore those amazing shoes! love love love. hope youre okay sweets xx

  3. Another fantastic frock. And everyone on the meet up looks gorgeous too

  4. I LOVE that dress :O where is it from? Ah I'd love to go to a blogger meet up, don't think I will though living over here! D:

  5. The exact same thing happened to me all last week; whenever I got ready for an outfit post my battery would die or I'd run out of time or completely forget! I had lots of fun on Saturday too, thank you for coming!

  6. I love the dress! It looks amazing on you.

    I forget my clothing all the time. I just moved, and while packing my clothes I found so much stuff that I swear I have never seen before but I completely adore. I hung it all up in my new place, and will have forgotten 3/4 of it by next week. I'm slightly ashamed of myself.

  7. that dress looks fab with those amazing shoes. You have so many beautiful dresses Char!
    The meetup looks so fun :)

  8. You look so nice in the meet up pics, I love your hair and your shoes are so fantastic! x

  9. That dress is gorgeous! I think the heels go perfectly - they deserve to be worn every chance you get.

  10. Ah I love reading about all the funsies meet ups, especially if I recognize everyone in the pictures! :)

  11. Gorgeous as ever. I love the shoes you wore to the meet up!