Monday, 20 June 2011

losing what was almost meant to be..


as i have spent almost the whole day at the office working on the last few rooms of a project which is nearly complete, i didn't spare any time to get any new photos up, which means ill be playing catch up all's good though as finishing this means another big weight from my mind..

above is a dress i made when i was staying with my little sis when my parents were on holiday last's pretty much finished, just needs to be taken in a little, as despite the fact i tried it on during the process it's still ended up too big..and that's certainly not down to losing weight, which seems to be at a standstill. :(


  1. ohh that dress is so pretty char, i love the colours in it xx

  2. Please tell me I misread it...surely you are NOT trying to lose weight!?? You are perfect as you are!
    That print is really pretty.
    Sorry, I don't mean for that to sound rude; just I worry about young ladies worrying about their weight! (Yep, once upon a time I was slim! Young, too!). Ha ha!
    Z xx

  3. Ooh its pretty, love the style, cant wait to see it on! :)