Friday, 24 June 2011

you and your parrot..





this was my lazy sunday outfit - the hat was only added for the purposes of the pictures, as i am trying to get used to it..i loved it from seeing the adverts for the next directory on tv whilst at my parents' house when house-sitting, and my little sister was smart enough to take the hint(S) so was very pleased to find that she had got it for my birthday :) i'm just hoping that we get enough sun this year to wear it..i have far too many hats, i need to make more effort to wear them!

for someone who really isn't trousers' number one fan, i seem to be spending a fair amount of time in them / looking at them recently! this parrot print pair caught my eye as i rushed past in primark when we were in manchester (alex wanted to get to the shoe section, sharpish!) and i mentioned them later in the day and we went back in for them..i love the print on them, and the fit, but i can't look at these pictures without hating my mid-section, so i will move on..!

have you managed to have a look at my blog sale page yet? i am planning to add more to it early next week as well, the more i get rid of, the less there is to pack i suppose...


  1. The trousers are awesome. I LOVE that first picture of you, you look amazing and I am a huge fan of your chairs. Do they have frogs on!? x

  2. Those pants are awesome:)

  3. Apologies for my initial mockage of the trousers. They are so awesome. I'd get myself some if I was a bit taller.

    ps - wear the hat more!

  4. Wow awesome trousers! I'm now thinking all clothing should have parrots printed on it... :)

  5. I love this outfit, makes me think of the sort of thing that might be worn for a seaside holiday in the early 1960s. you can't beat a classic floppy hat.

  6. Oooh, I like the shape of the hat and the parrots are very cute (I also own too many hats- trying to wear them all at the moment so none feel left out!)

  7. they are such awesome trousers! and i love the hat too, hope you got to wear it today in the lovely weather.