Sunday, 31 July 2011

everytime i say goodbye..


and so i present - my new hamster hat..another thing which i purchased at the meet up in birmingham, i couldn't resist it when i saw them in republic, and hayley also bought one..

i think it reminds me of a cartoon which my sis and i used to watch when we were younger, i can't remember the name of it which is making it rather tricky to find on google..

i realise that i'ts not quite the weather for it yet, but i imagine it won't be long until warm wooly hats and scarves will be needed - how depressing - anyone else getting ready for the weather to turn colder already?

i'm off to guide camp today, i've scheduled some posts here, but a few days without internet means i won't be able to respond to comments / tweet for a while..

Saturday, 30 July 2011

not into fashion but i love the clothes she wears..



i wore this outfit last weekend for a bbq at my parents' house, and then to a friend's house in the evening for a dvd evening in..i know i have only posted about this dress recently but i thought that since it was a nice sunny Sunday it would be nice for a bbq and i rather liked this headband whcih i picked up in the Royal Shakespeare gift shop when i was in Stratford..i thought the pale blue picked out the colour in the dress rather well..

Friday, 29 July 2011

friday favourites 001

1 - dalmation print top, oasis £40

2 - meadow print dress, monsoon, now £47.50

welcome to my first ever 'friday favourites' post..i have decided that rather than just keeping my wishlist to myself, i would share it now and again (just in case there are any fairy-godmothers out there who wish to know what to send me to make me smile - not!)  

1 -  i popped into the oasis sale last weekend before the blogger meet, and decided that all of the things i had planned to loook for in the sale were either sold out / not in my size / not as good in the flesh as i had thought they would be online..and then i saw this lovely top, with a cute dalmation and polka dot print, and decided it would be perfect for winter dressing with a pencil skirt and some heels..

2 - i can't rememeber when i first added this dress to my monthly scribbled wish list in my diary..alex and i went to try them on when monsoon first had their 50s dresses in stores, and i have popped in now and then to see if it has made it into the sale..i loved it, but i just didn't think my budget could stretch to it's full price-tag..i'd even looked on ebay for it, and found that second hand ones seem to go for as much as you would pay in store - does anyone else think that is crazy?! now that it's in the sale, the website is sold out of my size - always the way :(

Thursday, 28 July 2011

it goes to show you never can tell..

dress : primark

shoes : birthday present

do you ever have one of those "shopping fate" occurences? where you see something on a rail where it clearly doesn't belong, you can't see any others, and it's in your size..? this was one of those times for me..

i spotted the print and shape of this dress on a rail of otherwise boring hooded tops in primark in birmingham..after going over to check the tag, i grabbed it and then had a look around to see if there were any others (i like to be able to check things like size tags, whether zips function ok etc before i buy anything in primark)..i couldn't see any more, but it looked in good condition, the zip worked fine and the belt was still attached..

it was one of the more pricey dresses i have seen in primark for a while - the tag said £25, which i wouldn't usually expect from there, although prices have been steadily creeping up over recent months so you can't always tell..but looking at the finsih of it, it's lined, with a layer of dress netting underneath in bright orange to match the piping detail around the bodice and sleeve edgings..i was rather smitten with it, and when i showed it to the other blogger girls they all seemed suitably impressed..

i had a bit of an internal consideration on the price, and figured that i would pay that much in new look without thinking (whose quality i must point out have been shocking over the past season or so), and other places much more, and the length of this particular dress is actually decent, unlike what i've been finding with a lot of others recently also (i've no idea how tall people have coped, i'm only 5ft 6, and i have found a lot of this season's dresses uncomfortably short!)..

so after weighing up the pros and cons, i queued up for what seemed like hours, and when i got to the till was told it was actually only £10 - yay!! i wore it with my gold sequin birthday shoes as i thought they would kind of pick out the colours in the floral print..

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

he’s got a mate who said ‘behave, you’re not too bad but twice her age'..

not sure where this expression came from!

dress: primark

shoes: irregular choice

this is one of the dresses which my fellow blogger meet-up girls persuaded me to buy when we were in birmingham last weekend, i really like the length actually, after being unsure whether it would suit's perfect with heels anyway - and i managed to find a pair which were the same shade of pink, pretty much - and thankfully such a far cry from the uncomfortably short hemlines of this previous season's dresses..also rather like the pleated skirt - there seem to be a lot of pleats around recently, and i do rather like reminds me a little bit of that whistles skirt which i sort of lust after..

not sure where my ridiculous expression came from in the first photo..

i can't quite decide what to do with myself this evening..i really ought to go to the gym, but i have a whole pile of neckers to sew before camp, and i am worried they will take longer than i anticipate when i actually start them, so i think i will have an evening at home (and try to avoid my problem neighbours who have added to my 'note' annoyance of last week by damaging my car the other day and not even acknowledging the email sent about it..there is pretty much nothing i can do about it, but i'm so frustrated by them)

i also need to make myself a plate bag, and would like to get some patrol badges done to go onto the neckers when they are done, but that means making 40 or so felt animal badges, and so i think that will have to be a job for 'only if i have enough time..'

so far though, despite a crappy day at the office yesterday, i've had a fairly good start to the week..i had a rather lovely and relaxing evening last night, involving my mini bbq to cook dinner, listening to some of the playlists made years ago with some songs i had forgotten about (hence the title)

thank you for all of the comments on my last post - i wasn't really expecting any replies at all, but i am seeing the doctor again in the morning, and hopefully will update when i make some progress..

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

i'm having another episode, i just need a stronger dose..

a little off-topic, and i don't really know why i am documenting this here, but it's as good a place as any (please don't feel like you have to read past this point, ootd will be back tomorrow!)

a little while ago, i posted about my unidentifiable stomach pains, which have been going on for quite some time now..i've been through blood tests, and various diagnoses, each requiring different prescriptions..i've kept a food diary, taken a tablet 20mins before i eat anything for 6 weeks, and still had the most awful, unpredictable pain..

i'm not sure if we are getting any closer to a solution, but at the last visit to my GP i told them i wanted to be referred to a specialist, as the pain, at it's worst, is literally so bad that it stops me from doing anything other than curling up in a foetal position, which makes it a little easier - it makes it impossible to sit at a desk, drive, swim, run or go to the gym, and i am not prepared to put up with not knowing what the cause is and having to put up with this indefinitely, any longer..

i was told that before i would be seem by a specialist, i would need to try one last thing..which means one more 6 week course of another kind of tablet..this time i am told that the pain is 'probably' a stomach ulcer, and i have to take acid supressants in order that the ulcer is able to heal, with less acid being produced to prevent it healing..(i think)..

so i have been taking these for about a week, and am now a little worried about the effect that i think they are having on me..i have woken up on two different occasions so far, feeling sick, lightheaded and dizzy..when i've got up, i haven't been able to walk properly without swaying and stumbling fact on saturday morning, i fell into a lightswitch in the corridor so badly that the bruise is only just starting to show, three days later..

i know most people reading this will think it's just a hangover or something, but i don't drink (for a number of reasons which i won't go into now), so it categorically is not that..i'm struggling to think of any other reason for this, although having read the leaflet this isn't mentioned as one of the possible effects of the tablets - i'm wondering whether it could be something to do with the mix with the other medication i have to take for BP..i have made an appointment wirh my doctor just in case, but am not anticipating that they will take me very seriously..

also, whilst i don't want to jinx anything, dizzy spells aside, i have not had any of the stomach pains since starting this course of fingers crossed that whatever it is has healed..

Monday, 25 July 2011

you can make all the moves, you can aim all the spotlights..

dress: c/o monsoon

shoes: faith // cardigan: h&m (ancient)

belt & necklace: primark

this was my outfit for saturday, i spent a pretty full day in birmingham.. first i attended a girlguiding PR / media training day, in order to enable me to be shortlisted for telephone / radio / tv interviews when girlguiding events near me need a spokesperson..i was sort of dreading the day, as ironic though it is for someone who has a blog and posts ootd photos, i hate to see myself on screen - especially videos..

we did a few training sessions, and then had Michael Collie, a newsreader from 'midlands today' to play our interviewer, and were recorded giving an interview about our chosen scenario..the trainers then played back our interviews (hell), pausing to give us comments and advice..argh! it wasn't as bad as i'd expected to be honest, i cringed a little when i saw myself on screen, but then i think everyone else did as well with theirs, and the advice was very helpful, not critical, so that was also helpful to get advice from a newsreader, as he was able to give us some information on what an interviewer would be looking for etc..

when that was finished, i hot-footed it down to the pallasades to meet the other blogger girls for the #brumbloggermeetup, organised by fritha from the fish tank, and claire from jazzpad, both of whom had done an amazing job..on arrival there were name tags for everyone, and i recognised a few faces from some of the blogs i read, including gem, maria and eloise to begin with, which put me at ease..

i know i have met with other bloggers in the past, but nothing i have been to had been on this kind of scale, so i was a little nervous and unsure what to expect..we were given some goody bags, from missguided (organised by sara, who was looking amazingly rock chic in her spiked leather jacket) and from max c and crown and glory, organised by fritha and claire..florrie did a great post here with much better pics than mine of the contents of the goody bags..

once we were all present and correct, we had a few photos as a group by the bull, and then split into smaller groups for heading round some shops before dinner..i headed off with the group who were going to the bullring, including selina, lily and danni who were all lovely..we had a scoot around the forever21 jewellery section, and topshop, although i wasn't all that impressed that i couldn't see anything nice, when i was on the webiste last week making a wishlist as long as my arm!

we went to h&m with elizabeth, and then in republic, hayley and i became hat twins with an AMAZING hamster hat..then we hit primark, where louise and i queued for what seemed like a million years, but it was worth it, as the dress i thought was £25 was actually £10!! :)

we went for dinner at red peppers in the mailbox, which was lovely, and very reasonable..we had a big table downstairs, and got some funny looks from the other diners as 25 or so of us traipsed downstairs with our big yellow max c bags..i don't think we made quite as big an impression on bham as the random zombie flash-mob, but we still got some looks during the day! i sat near and chatted to danni, louise, tasha, sarah and gem at the meal, who were all lovely! he mealtime entertainment came when fritha brought in several bags of clothing donated by clothing at tesco, and we all got to choose something to take home with us..i picked out a plain black cotton blazer, which i can't wait to try out over a floral dress to smarten it up a notch..

after the meal, a lot of the girls stayed and headed out for a night out, i was really tired and not fancying the drive home at that time, let alone after a club, so i went home, but from keeping up with their #brumbloggermeet tweets it sounds like much fun was had by all..which i can believe, as everyone i met was just lovely, and friendly, and i had a fab day..if you're thinking of going to a meet up event, i would definitely recommend it, i didn't know anyone outside of their blogs before this one, and yet i felt so welcomed - i love that about blogging, you seem to avoid all the bitchiness that one would otherwise expect from a bunch of girls getting together..

Sunday, 24 July 2011

i'm smiling but i'm dying, trying not to drag my feet..

dress: matalan

this is just the outfit i wore to the office and then our bbq on thursday evening, an end of term event for all of the guides, brownies, rainbows and rangers of my district..
it all went rather well in the end, the weatehr stayed dry and whilst we didn't have the biggest turn-out, everyone seemed to have a good time..

mini rant alert:
there's been a lot of frustrating guiding politics going on recently, which i worry has affected my enthusiasm slightly..certain members are leaving, the reasons for which have been different depending on whom they are speaking to..whilst the rest of the district have been piching in to come up with ideas and ways to keep this unit from closing, the current leaders haven't done anything to help, and it seems as though the parents of the children in the unit have been told that it is our fault, and we haven't come up with a solution..

cardi: river island

i have no idea where all of the animosity has come from in what is supposed to be a voluntary organisation of women who are all working towards the same goal, but quite frankly it is mentally exhausting - i have nothing to do with the unit in question, and yet attended a meeting with some of the parents recently ostensibly in order to try and help them to come up with some ways of keeping the unit open - we suggested dfferent times, days, a 'one saturday per month' meeting so that more could be done, and all i got from the people attending was a lot of abuse, aimed and me and my DC, which i thought was completely unfair. Basically that, plus the frosty reception with which we were met by the parents from that meeting last night, are making me wonder whether i want to continue with the volunteering i do for my own unit..which is ludicrous in one sense as this whole drama is nothing to do with me..but if you volunteer your time for something, it shouldn't be something that you dislike, should it?

anyway, i will mull this over when i am at camp during the summer with some of the other leaders..consider this mini rant shelved..well done if you made it this far - have a cookie! :)

Saturday, 23 July 2011

raise your glass..

shoes: irregular choice 'rock and roll' scalloped heels


dress: h&m via ebay

this is an outfit from earlier in the week, the idea was i would dress summery and the weather would take the didn't.

the dress came from ebay a few yrs ago, one of those times when you see something great and then decide to check on the other items that seller has, and end up bidding on most of them (surely that's not just me!)

Friday, 22 July 2011

glitter all over the room..

octopus necklace: gift

knitted vest: h&m

skirt: new look

shoes: irregular choice

the other day i was doing some more of the clearing out of the heaps of clothing in my flat, and i came across this skirt, which i had kind of forgotten i'd came from new look earlier in the year, and i think i wore it once and then chucked it in a pile behind the screen in my bedroom when i was having a manic tidy (usually about 5mins before guests are due to arrive)..

i added this knitted top, i always forget how frustrated i get when i catch my keys in the knit of this - and lo and behold i managed to do it before i had even left the house - fail! and the necklace hasn't helped this either, it got caught earlier as well, but i always think this top needs some kind of long necklace to give it a bit more of a shape..i've been wearing this one a lot recently, the octopus reminds me of betsey johnson jewellery, which i love (although i don't yet own any)..

and the shoes, i figured something yellow would be good, and i don't have anything much more yellow than these, gingham and bananas!

i'm hating the weather at the moment, it's just begun to rain in an insanely heavy manner..i'm off for a day in bham tomorrow, for a 'girlguiding media-spokesperson' training session, and then off to the bham bloggers meet up, which i'm a little nervous about - mainly for what on earth to wear..

Thursday, 21 July 2011

three little words..

lovely post to come home to on friday !

on friday i was cheered up greatly by some of the post (not including the rude note from my nuisance neighbours from the flat below!) which i came home to..a letter from one of my lovely penpals, and also a prize i won from Em's recent giveaway - i love it all, but most of all the cute little wooden heart bird brooch, which i wore for the whole weekend, and also in these outfit posts below (see, there was a connection!)

irregular choice 'disco heaven' heels
recently, i have been loving the colour mustard - well, actually i have always had a bit of a fondness for it, so a few weeks ago i couldn't resist this vest from the new look £3.99 range - i love the shape of these vests and have various colours now, picked up over anyone else picky when it comes to shapes, necklines and fits of basics? for example i couldn't wear anything v-neck as i just wouldn't feel comfortable in it..this may just be me..
skirt: primark // cardi and vest: new look
i chose the top to go with the colours in this primark skirt - i have been having a skirt sort-out, and decided to give this floral primark one a final chance before deciding whether it's headed for the blog sale page or not..looking at the photos i'm still not sure about it..then again, looking at the photos i;m not so sure about the top either, i think i look frumpy :(

i do love the shoes though, which i was hoping would draw the other parts of the outfit together, and this cardigan must be one of my best value items ever in terms of cost-per-wear..i remember having a list of 'ideal' items to find, and a bottle-green cardigan had been on there for a long while, so whilst i balked a little at the full-price new look price tag, i was hoping i would get plenty of wear from it..that must have been four yrs ago and it's still one of my most-worn cardigans, which is mad as i have so many which just don't seem to see the light of day very oftern


i'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather stays dry this evening, i have an 'end of term district bbq' to go to, i think i'm in charge of the camp fire songs - it's for all of the guides, brownies, rainbows and's currently looking as though it could be a total wash-out :(

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

** blog sale page **

Blog Sale Page

all prices include p+p first class to UK - payment is paypal only, to be gifted.

photo, description and price for each item - if you wish to purchase anything or have any queries about anything, please email me at dinoprincesschar(at) or contact me thru twitter ( @dinoprincesschr)..
black / gold sparkle vintage mini bag with chain handle £6

liberty print maxi, 28in elasticated wasitband, £10 (fits uk 12-14)

bird print top with sequin / button detail 12/40 uk £3


bnwt primark hawaiian print sundress sz12 £6

bnwt primark beach scene print 50s skirt, sz14 £10

Picture 021
bnwt primark aztec print sundress sz12 £5

Picture 011
topshop red check blazer sz12 £8

Picture 025
topshop rose print lantern skirt bnwt sz14 £8

Picture 018
duck egg, / grey tulle strapless prom dress sz12 £10

Picture 002
white polka dot pjs sz12 £3

'lime' (next) sequin dress with tie waist sz 12 £6


Picture 087
bright blue strapless prom dress with net underskirt, primark bnwt, sz 12/40 £5

Picture 058
bnwt primark rose print skirt with gold elasticated waistband sz 16/44 £4



retroprint coin purse, £1

primark floral vest (14) £2.50

Bay tiered maxi skirt, sz (12)uk £9

monsoon maxi skirt, marked M measures 28in elasticated waist, £10

right, birds can fly so high..

close up of print-clashing!

floral skirt - primark // bird print top - forever21

shoes - faith // necklace - gift

this may well be one of my favourite outfits for a long time..i know that i have worn these shoes far too often in the past week or so, but my feet are still healing from the blisters i put on them in bham, and these are so comfortable on the heels that i have been wearing them for ease (and the fact that i love them - that also helps)

i decided on the top before the rest of the outfit, and figured i would start from there..i'm not usually all that confident in floaty tops, especially ones which are a little bit sheer..despite jillian michaels trying her best, i am only a couple of days into the shred, and still have a long long way to go before i have any body confidence, (i hovered my mouse over the post button on a post i wrote about this last week, but decided against clicking it as i think i sound stupid..maybe i will be braver one day) so things like this take a lot of confidence, as i am not in my comfort zone with sheer at all..i expected to feel self-conscious with this outfit all day..

the skirt is from a few seasons ago, added in the hope that it would counteract the floaty of the top..i think it worked, and i found that i was not uncomfortable in it..i love the print of both of these, and don't think they actually clash too badly..

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

you were romeo, you were throwing pebbles..

a couple of weeks ago, one of my oldest friends broke up with her partner of 9 yrs, and understandably, things are pretty tough for her..i am so awkward in these types of situations, i don't really know what to say, as i know that none of what i say can make anything any better..
so when i asked her last week if there was anything i could do to help, she asked if i could be free at the weekend as she would like to get away for a couple of days whilst he moved out..
so we decided to go to Stratford-upon-Avon, as it's somewhere neither of us had been, and soemwhere she has always wanted to visit..we booked a premier inn room, printed out a 'town tour' from one of the websites which came up when i googled "things to do in stratford" and set off on saturday morning, armed with a bag of jelly babies..

Shakespeare's house

i'm not sure why i was expecting a larger town, but Stratford struck me as a quaint little town..we had a little rain on the way, and according to the weather forecast had been anticipating a washout, but most of the time it was sunny and warm..we checked in and set off for a wander around the town, and headed to the river where there was a rowing competition going on, with numerous teams in fancy dress outfits racing each other..we then walked a bit further and took the foot ferry back across the river and felt sorry for the guy who had to turn the wheel to get us across!

a quick stop in a cafe for a panini and then we headed on to see the house where Shakespeare was born..i was really glad that the weather stayed nice, as it was so good to be able to wander around with our focus on the actual buildings and architecture of the town, rather than just the shop fronts and windows..


once we had wandered around the town, we pottered around some of the sales, and i ended up with a pair of shorts (post to come at a later date on them) in the laura ashley sale, which i was thrilled about!

The Old Bank, which had various Shakespeare carvings and mosaics

in the evening, we went for a lovely dinner at Lamb's of Sheep Street, then headed off to the RSC for the Merchant of Venice - amazing :) i wouldn't say i was a massive Shakespeare fan, i've read some but not all of the plays (although not just in school)..the RSC theatre is a lovely building too, with lots to do other than the shows; we wandered around one of the exhibitions - murals made of sugar paste, to celebrate the 50yrs of the RSC..

The Jester statue, complete with 'fool'-related Shakespeare quotes
  on sunday morning, after filling ourselves with a tonne of fruit and granola at the hotel breakfast buffet, we had a little look around the market stalls and then headed on to the butterfly farm!!  i have to admit, i have been to one of these before, in north wales, and was recently disappointed to find that it had closed down when i planned to take my sister again a few weeks ago, so i was rather pleased that there was one in was really warm inside, but i coped with it as the butterflies were amazing, i couldn't believe the size of some of them, and the colours were so beautiful - although i didn't know what any of the types were.. considering i am so scared of moths when i'm at home, i can't quite understand why i liked this so much, but i did. so there.

one butterfly landed on my wrist as we were walking round - i wanted to take it home with me!
on the way in, we were warned to watch out underfoot because they had just had some baby quails hatched, and they could run around the thoughts when she said this were "pah. as if anyone would step on a bird, it'd be far too big..", but as we rounded a corner and saw one with it's mother, i couldn't believe how tiny it was - the butterfly in the picture was a normal sized one, as opposed to one of the giants..

mum and baby quail
when we decided we couldn't take any more of the heat, we ventured back out into the town, and the rain began..which we took as our cue to head home (via the bullring - oops)..