Saturday, 2 July 2011

all the small things..




because i know you were all desperate to see how they turned out-
just some of the cutlery made by my guides on monday, which i cooked the other the end of the evening, the smell when i opened the oven was making me feel a bit sick, i'm not sure why..

i think they mainly turned out rather well, we had one disaster with one of the red/white set, the handle of the knife was obviously not oven-proof, which i think was the cause of the smell :(

but once varnished, i think they will all look great for our camp mealtimes in august!


  1. Ooh, actually I think my fave is that pinky marbley fork in the bottom picture - pretty! xx

  2. oh no, burning plastic!!! How fun do these look, I love them. Think hubby may be cross if I did this to our set though!

  3. Melty plastic fumes? Noice.

    I do think they look fab though and hopefully it'll solve the problem of not knowing who owns the cutlery on camp. Markings always flake off.

  4. What a great idea, though Im not sure how these would react in a dishwasher! Maybe it was all the fumes from the craft dough that made you feel quite yuck?

  5. Fab! i like the pink/green ones. Have a fab weekend x

  6. What a fab idea! I used to love FIMO so it's good to know it is still available.
    My fave cutlery is some my dad had when he got Parkinsons - extra thick chunky handles. Really comfy to use, if that makes sense.
    Z xx