Sunday, 31 July 2011

everytime i say goodbye..


and so i present - my new hamster hat..another thing which i purchased at the meet up in birmingham, i couldn't resist it when i saw them in republic, and hayley also bought one..

i think it reminds me of a cartoon which my sis and i used to watch when we were younger, i can't remember the name of it which is making it rather tricky to find on google..

i realise that i'ts not quite the weather for it yet, but i imagine it won't be long until warm wooly hats and scarves will be needed - how depressing - anyone else getting ready for the weather to turn colder already?

i'm off to guide camp today, i've scheduled some posts here, but a few days without internet means i won't be able to respond to comments / tweet for a while..


  1. Gosh! You're in 'hat mode' too! It does seem the autumn is trying to arrive much too early.
    Have a great time at camp. I'll be thinking of you all, using your lovely bright cutlery!
    Z xx

  2. that is the cutest hat ever! x

  3. I have this dress! It such good quality isn't it? Such a lovely length too!

  4. Ha! I love it. I bet it'll only be a couple of months before the scarves get pressed into action. Doom. I want some proper sunshine first please.

  5. I love the hat! My mam makes hats like those and she's actually working on a hello kitty one as I type. Was the tv show called Hamtaro by any chance? It's the only TV show I can think of with hamsters in :) xxx

  6. That hat is fab, so cute! I love my panda one and can't wait for winter to wear it again.
    Have a gorgeous time x

  7. Is the programme you're thinking of Hamtaro by any chance? If it is I think I have a soul mate! No one I know knows about Hamtaro! I love the hat, by the way. Have fun at the guides camp! xxx

  8. Gummi Bear hat

  9. that's the hamster dance hamster! :D