Friday, 29 July 2011

friday favourites 001

1 - dalmation print top, oasis £40

2 - meadow print dress, monsoon, now £47.50

welcome to my first ever 'friday favourites' post..i have decided that rather than just keeping my wishlist to myself, i would share it now and again (just in case there are any fairy-godmothers out there who wish to know what to send me to make me smile - not!)  

1 -  i popped into the oasis sale last weekend before the blogger meet, and decided that all of the things i had planned to loook for in the sale were either sold out / not in my size / not as good in the flesh as i had thought they would be online..and then i saw this lovely top, with a cute dalmation and polka dot print, and decided it would be perfect for winter dressing with a pencil skirt and some heels..

2 - i can't rememeber when i first added this dress to my monthly scribbled wish list in my diary..alex and i went to try them on when monsoon first had their 50s dresses in stores, and i have popped in now and then to see if it has made it into the sale..i loved it, but i just didn't think my budget could stretch to it's full price-tag..i'd even looked on ebay for it, and found that second hand ones seem to go for as much as you would pay in store - does anyone else think that is crazy?! now that it's in the sale, the website is sold out of my size - always the way :(


  1. Love the dress!! Have a great weekend x

  2. I love the monsoon dress its so pretty :) X

  3. That dress is lovely, fingers crossed you track it down in your size and for a good price!

  4. Gorgeous dress!
    Julia @ Retro Jules

  5. Oh, I need both of these, but especially the top!

  6. I still say whack up a Twitter request for people to investigate their Monsoon stores for you. It's such a gorgeous dress.

  7. Love that dalmation top its so cute x

  8. It IS a gorgeous dress! Monsoon seems to have a pretty good resale value on ebay - sometimes the in store sales are where the best bargains are, as long as you can find your size :S