Wednesday, 13 July 2011

had her heart broken by someone shes obsessed with..

shoes - office

cardi - river island sale

dress - laura ashley sale
i am so behind with life right now..i feel like i'm making progress, and then something else neeeds urgent attention - argh!
anyway, this is the outfit i wore a week ago to go to the theatre with my mum..we saw 'Verdict' - a play by Agatha Christie, as my mum is a big fan of her writing, and it's not often that something at the theatre takes my fancy (mainly as i'm a little scared of Peppa Pig, who seems to be this summer's visitor!) anyway, i couldn't write this post without cramming in the line: and here's my verdict on the play..

Verdict, by Agatha Christie
 Verdict centres around the main character, Professor Karl, who came to London with his wife and her cousin following a scandal which is revealed during the course of the dialogue in the is clear that he is devoted to his wife, whoc is slowly getting more and more ill suffering with MS, and he lets himself get blackmailed into tutoring a student who he had earlier dismissed as a suitable candidate due to her lack of academic fact, Helen's only interest is a romantic one in the professor, and she ends up killing his wife in order to show him that he would rather be with her..the play follows Karl's emotional struggle with himself over what to do with the information when Helen confesses to him..there are a few other complications which i wouldn't want to ruin, and overall i felt that the play was great - both mum and i really enjoyed it, and i always think that the proof of a good plot is one which keeps me so occupied that i feel time has flown by interval kept my attention, i found the acting great as i could really understand the characters, all of whom i found engaging..definitely a worthwhile night out if it's making it's way near to you !!

and as for my outfit: nothing new here, really, i've worn the heels recently, and the dress and cardi are both sale bargains from a while ago now..but i do love laura ashley for dresses which suit my style for both day and night-time..i'm not really one for bodycon, skimpy dresses for nights out, i feel that a fuller dress suits my shape better, and i love the fact that the (sometimes hefty) price-tag at laura ashley actually does correlate with the fact that you are paying for quality - unlike so many of the other high street stores of late..


  1. Oooh I love going to the theatre, haven't been in ages! Lovely dress too :)

  2. That dress is gorgeous. ALL your dresses are gorgeous!! :)

  3. I love this dress, its a beautiful length and it really suits you :) xxx

  4. Love Laura Ashley dresses. Recently acquired one form a chairty sshop. Yet to wear it though as unsure on weather puffy sleeves work or not! I am debating weather to cut them off! It was only a fiver!

  5. you pick such lovely dresses, they're quality and classy. The performace sounds good. I do love Miss Marple but I've never read anything else by Agatha Cristie

  6. you pick such lovely dresses, they're quality and classy. The performace sounds good. I do love Miss Marple but I've never read anything else by Agatha Cristie

  7. OOOH, I haven't seen that or read the script for it! Must search for it!
    BTW, love your sofa, and I couldn't help but notice the lovely Cath Kidston tent on top of the cupboard-my mum almost bought me that one when I used to work in Marylebone and then I got the guilt that I already had a (boring) tent so didn't! BOY do I regret it!