Wednesday, 27 July 2011

he’s got a mate who said ‘behave, you’re not too bad but twice her age'..

not sure where this expression came from!

dress: primark

shoes: irregular choice

this is one of the dresses which my fellow blogger meet-up girls persuaded me to buy when we were in birmingham last weekend, i really like the length actually, after being unsure whether it would suit's perfect with heels anyway - and i managed to find a pair which were the same shade of pink, pretty much - and thankfully such a far cry from the uncomfortably short hemlines of this previous season's dresses..also rather like the pleated skirt - there seem to be a lot of pleats around recently, and i do rather like reminds me a little bit of that whistles skirt which i sort of lust after..

not sure where my ridiculous expression came from in the first photo..

i can't quite decide what to do with myself this evening..i really ought to go to the gym, but i have a whole pile of neckers to sew before camp, and i am worried they will take longer than i anticipate when i actually start them, so i think i will have an evening at home (and try to avoid my problem neighbours who have added to my 'note' annoyance of last week by damaging my car the other day and not even acknowledging the email sent about it..there is pretty much nothing i can do about it, but i'm so frustrated by them)

i also need to make myself a plate bag, and would like to get some patrol badges done to go onto the neckers when they are done, but that means making 40 or so felt animal badges, and so i think that will have to be a job for 'only if i have enough time..'

so far though, despite a crappy day at the office yesterday, i've had a fairly good start to the week..i had a rather lovely and relaxing evening last night, involving my mini bbq to cook dinner, listening to some of the playlists made years ago with some songs i had forgotten about (hence the title)

thank you for all of the comments on my last post - i wasn't really expecting any replies at all, but i am seeing the doctor again in the morning, and hopefully will update when i make some progress..


  1. Hope the Doctor's goes ok! I love this dress and it looks great on you! I saw it in Primark the other day and really ummed and ahed about it, love the 1920's garden party feel to it (it's just like one in Appletree boutique that cost £50 that I tried on at Christmas) but the hauge queue deterred me! It looks lovely!

    Those shoes are hilarious! So quirky and lovely texture! I think you must be IC's best customer!

    Thanks for the nice comment re thriftiness- I sometimes think I miss the point in the rambling- nice to be reassured!

  2. fingers crossed for the doctors Char x

  3. Oh I like the length and shape of that a lot. If only it wasn't pink ;-)

    Don't think I've ever seen those ICs before. They're fab!

  4. I ned this dress. I have been hunting for it for a week. They only have big sizes in my local store so I think I am going to pop to Oxford Street next week and see if I can nab it there. It looks even better on!
    I will be writing your letter this week :) The week is flying by!

  5. Hope all goes well at the doctors...
    Your dress is lovely, surprised its Primark, it doesn't look it and those shoes are so fab, love them.

  6. Great dress - just goes to show, it's not the price or label, it's how you wear it.

  7. Love the dress Char! Looks lovely on u. Best of luck for Dr x

  8. OMG that colour is just stunning on you and its such a pretty dress.

    I have never been to a meet up but I would love to how do you go to these and can anyone come??


  9. Your shoes are sooo cute !!! xoxo

  10. Beautiful dress and shoes. I may be trying the dress on tonight after seeing it here...

    Hope docs goes ok x

  11. lovely outfit, really pretty! Fingers crossed for the doctors!! (am now following) Hope all goes well for you!! xx