Monday, 4 July 2011

i watched the world float to the dark side of the moon..




skirt: get cutie / top: h&m / heels: primark / cardigan: new look

i can't believe i had almost completely forgotten i owned this skirt..i bought it during my first year at sixth form college, from a local boutique, and remember having so save up my wages for a few weeks to get it, and going in frequently to check it was still there in the meantime! at that point i don't think i had really discovered the internet, i certainly didn't seem to use it for anything other than MSN..when i finally had the skirt, i think i must have worn it about twice a week for the two yrs i was there - i loved it..

anyway, it's a Get Cutie skirt, a company which i know i have raved about on here before - i have quite a collection of their skirts and a couple of dresses, as i love the retro styles and the quirky prints..i decided to let the comic book print of this skirt speak for itself, with a plain black top and the lovely primark heels i snapped up in manchester a few weeks ago, much to the delight of pearl and mrs B, who couldn't quite believe i would wear them to work ! :) i love them and they are so comfortable - and looking at the pictures they seem to be magic too, as they make my legs look quite tall and slender (which in real life they most certainly are not!)


  1. Ooh thats a v cute skirt! Your heels look insane too, cant believe they would be comfortable! :)

  2. I LOVE that skirt. Love, love, love it.

  3. MOG , I used to love 3 doors down. I want that skirt and you look loooovely in them shoes ! Ill do your nails in turn for your wardrobe :) xxxx

  4. Wow, LOVE the skirt! Isn't it weird to think of a world without the internet? I can't believe I got through my GCSEs and A-levels without it!

  5. those heels are killer and insane! I love that skirt, its something so fun and cool.

  6. the skirt print! so so lovely :) xx

  7. LOVE the skirt, please teach me how to walk in heels because these look lovely!

    Maria xxx

  8. That skirt is amazing! I love Get Cutie - they're getting so expensive though. I'm hoping to have my first dress from there for my birthday (I do have a stolen one from mypreggers friend though, what a thief).

  9. Very lovely. Those shoes are fab, you would not think for one moment they were from Primark. x

  10. Never throw that skirt out!!! It is. Amazing!

  11. Oh my! Those heels are HIGH - I just saw a bit of them as you stuffed them back in the bag, so now I know why the other girls commented!
    You have an amazing collection of cute skirts...I'm working backwards thru' your posts and each one has a brilliant printed skirt in. V jel! And you have the legs to carry them off too! Even more jel!!
    Z xx