Sunday, 24 July 2011

i'm smiling but i'm dying, trying not to drag my feet..

dress: matalan

this is just the outfit i wore to the office and then our bbq on thursday evening, an end of term event for all of the guides, brownies, rainbows and rangers of my district..
it all went rather well in the end, the weatehr stayed dry and whilst we didn't have the biggest turn-out, everyone seemed to have a good time..

mini rant alert:
there's been a lot of frustrating guiding politics going on recently, which i worry has affected my enthusiasm slightly..certain members are leaving, the reasons for which have been different depending on whom they are speaking to..whilst the rest of the district have been piching in to come up with ideas and ways to keep this unit from closing, the current leaders haven't done anything to help, and it seems as though the parents of the children in the unit have been told that it is our fault, and we haven't come up with a solution..

cardi: river island

i have no idea where all of the animosity has come from in what is supposed to be a voluntary organisation of women who are all working towards the same goal, but quite frankly it is mentally exhausting - i have nothing to do with the unit in question, and yet attended a meeting with some of the parents recently ostensibly in order to try and help them to come up with some ways of keeping the unit open - we suggested dfferent times, days, a 'one saturday per month' meeting so that more could be done, and all i got from the people attending was a lot of abuse, aimed and me and my DC, which i thought was completely unfair. Basically that, plus the frosty reception with which we were met by the parents from that meeting last night, are making me wonder whether i want to continue with the volunteering i do for my own unit..which is ludicrous in one sense as this whole drama is nothing to do with me..but if you volunteer your time for something, it shouldn't be something that you dislike, should it?

anyway, i will mull this over when i am at camp during the summer with some of the other leaders..consider this mini rant shelved..well done if you made it this far - have a cookie! :)


  1. Ohhh that dress is lovely.
    I'm sorry about whats going on, i think it would be such a shame for you to leave, you clearly love it, but if its upsetting you or making you stressed maybe a little break would help x

  2. *nibbles on cookie*

    Honestly, it's the same everywhere in guiding. It's a huge shame because as you say, people should be doing it for the love of it. I got bored of all the sniping and bitching about anything new and non-traditional I wanted to try and just gave up when I moved house and away from my Ranger unit.

  3. Sorry to hear you're being treat like that. Its awful when you volunteer for things and get taken advantage of or treat badly (been there with a local group). It is worth thinking if its worth the stress. If you decide to keep up the hard work then make sure people know they cannot treat you the way they do.
    Lovely dress btw. x

  4. That sounds like shocking behaviour. As a volunteer you should be treated with some repsect! If I was in your shoes I would be retracting my volunteering services, but then I'm pretty harsh like that.

  5. Mine is a triple chocolate one with smarties in it! It's tasty , thank you! Really sorry to hear about the politics! It really does make me cross when politics come into things like this that should be wonderful, because people like you give up their time, but other people find it hard not to be officious don't they. It's hard to be around people when they are like that! Keep doing what you're doing for the moment! I am quite sure the kids really appreciate it!

  6. I think volunteering can be ruined by a few 'mini-hitlers', who get all puffed up and self-important!
    I was going to volunteer for Riding For The Disabled with the help from my Support Worker. But they seemed so unhelpful and snobby I thought better of it!
    Don't let another unit spoil what you do with yours. It always sounds so good what you do! It would be a terrible shame for them to lose you!
    Z xx