Tuesday, 12 July 2011

keep the customer satisfied..




gold shoes - birthday present :)

i was recently inspired by Jen's post over at A Little Bird, with her tips on shopping in primark..i must point out that i am quite a fan of the store, i know it can be an emotive subject, but i do like the clothes on offer, most of the time..when i popped into the birmingham store last weekend it was to pick up a pair of sandals which i could wear with less pain than the shoes i had been in that day, but on the way downstairs i spotted a rail of these dresses, and was rather taken with them..

i know that one of the things that primark can be slated for is the quality of the fabric used for some of their clothes, and i have to admit that this dress is no exception..the blue fabric is 'on trend' for it's thin, sheer layer, but i couldn't see one of the thirty or so dresses there which didn't have at least one pull in fact, i was lucky to manage to track down one in the correct size on the entire stand, and when i got it out for a closer look, i realised that there was a bit of a hole in the seam above the zip in the side, just along the stitched line, and not that difficult to fix with a few carefully-placed stitches..

i ummed and ahhed about it, 'do i really want to pay for a dress which i like but is not perfect..but there's not another in my size..arg..' - you know the score..
in the end, i popped it in the basket for the time being, and limped on with my trek to the sandals department..

when i had looked at everything i needed to, i headed on up to customer services (as it had a shorted queue) clutching my dress, and decided to point out the faults - the unstitched seam and the pulls in the fabric, and ask what they would be able to do about the price..i haggled for a little while, and the manager finally agreed i could have it for £5 rather than the £15 on the price tag..i was pleased with that!
and having repaired the seam, and worn it so that the belt pretty much hides the pulled section, i have to say i am still glad i decided to take it home with me..i don't think that i would have thought to ask about it without having read Jen's post recently..


  1. I LOVE the colour combination Char! x

  2. Dear Char, apologies for not visiting for ages. I've been neglecting blogging somewhat.

    Your Birthday shoes are to die for. I love them!

    Hope all's good with you xx

  3. That haggling idea is such a good idea! May have to try that next time ;) £10 off is amazing!

  4. Wow can't believe they knocked £10 off for you, I was expecting you to say 10%!! I saw this dress in Primark during my recent trip to London but I had already spent way too much :-( xxx

  5. its a dress? I assumed a top and skirt. Its a lovely look anyway. The flowingness of the skirt is so summery. Great buy for a fiver!

  6. Ha, little did the manager know you're a seamstress extraordinaire! Looks lovely x

  7. It looks fabulous on you! And well done haggling, I am never brave enough to haggle.

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    Thanks! kisses, Marti! ;DDDDD
    Glamour Marmalade

  9. I'm being very nosey and going through old blog posts (I'm a new reader) and I absolutely love this outfit! Very jealous of it!