Friday, 8 July 2011

let the sun shine, let the sun shine..

horse print blouse: republic

rain coat: h&m via ebay

tulip skirt: matalan sale

black heels: primark

what a horrid day, we have just had lots of rain..this weekend's plans did involve an outside 'sports day' theme evening at rangers with space hoppers, pogo sticks and random sports-equipment galore..then tomorrow i am running a camp skills day for some of my guides wishing to gain their Advanced Camper badges, so i was kind of hoping for some better weather..

the only good thing about the amount of rain we seem to be having, is i get the chance to wear my favourite rain coat - this umbrella print rain mac first caught my eye in h&m stores years ago, but i wasn't able to track down my size, so a lot of ebay-searching for more than a year after and i managed to track it down and win one! i really love it, although i don't often remember to take a rain coat out with me..

today's outfit is inspired by the lovely charlene who blogs at dainty dresses (which you should be reading if you don't already, she's lovely!)..i saw this blouse on her wish-list post a long while ago, and stalked it til it was down in the sale, and i have to say i really love it..luckily i found in my wardrobe that i had a very similar colour of vest top from one of my past primark sprees, so have put that under it- i am always a little wary of what to wear underneath a sheer blouse..

the tulip skirt i added has been such a great buy, i paid £3 for it (and two others in other colours) and have had so much wear from them, i like the shape and tend to go for something of a tulip shape if my top is floaty / shapeless, as otherwise i think i look frumpy or massive..anyone else have these odd little rules?

and then i threw on my new favourite plain black heels, bought recently from primark..i rather like how this outfit turned out..fingers crossed the weather isn't too bad for the weekend, hope everyone has something nice planned - i have a giveaway to post as well..


  1. such a fab blouse! Great price for the skirt.

  2. I love everything about this outfit, both seperatley and together! xo

  3. Wow that blouse is fab, and the raincoat is amazing. I actually want it now x

  4. I love this outfit, everything looks fab together :)

    Maria xxx

  5. What's your necklace? Looks intriguing...

    Top and skirt work perfectly together :) I always have the same problem with floaty tops, hence I tend to just avoid them altogether!

  6. Love your outfit, v elegant! Excellent raincoat, I'm currently ebay stalking M&S shoes I fell in love with last year and missed out on, no luck yet tho... :)

  7. Nice too see the heels and the blouse and skirt are really lovely :-)

  8. adorable shirt...easy and comfy with a cute print.. and it goes perfectly with the blue skirt

    follow if u like what u see?


  9. Fabulous outfit, the turquoise and the prints are great as are the killer heels xx

  10. You look totally stunning the skirt and blouse are amazing the shoes are to die for and that awesome printed raincoat is absolutely fantastic