Wednesday, 13 July 2011

light's gone, days end, struggling to pay rent..

i'm aware that i haven't been in quite so cheerful a mood as usual lately, and if you have been keeping up with me on twitter, i've let on about the fact that work is a little bit crazy at the's no secret that, given the current economy, and the fact that things have been rather uncertain at work recently with 50% pay cuts and an uncertain future for the business, i have had to be thinking hard about other ways in which to make a little extra cash, so that i can make sure that i can still pay all my bills and expenses, until i know what will be happening..

i seem to have exhausted a lot of the more simple things..yes, i have been clearing out my wardrobe (not that i don't do that on an almost constant basis) and either ebaying, giving away, or adding my no-longer-wanted items to my blog sale page..
after searching for some inspiration, i came across something which i have always dismissed in the everyone, i've read a lot in the media about different cash for gold companies, and have always thought that i probably don't have anything worth selling..but having a look at this site, even broken jewellery will do, and it needn't even be having had a route through some of my broken and tangled bits - i'm sure everyone has a box like that of bits of old jewellery which you 'may do something with one day' - and have picked out a few pieces which i don't suppose i'll miss, and which i think will be ok to send..i'm planning on raiding my mum's broken jewllery box as well, as,really, what use is one earring without it's pair, lost somewhere between birmingham airport and alicante, in september 2002?!

has anyone else tried this using any of the better known companies? and do you have any advice to share about them?


  1. Have you thought about online surverys? I do some on a site called OnePoll and at the moment I am £26 into my third £40 payout. It does take a bit of time to get to the £40 but it's 'free money'. A tip is (although a bit immoral) to lie, I say I have kids when I don't, am married when I'm not, but I answer the questions as I would if I was in that situation. It's getting a wee bit of greif from other users as ATM they are doing a load of competition surverys (£100 prize) instead of all being paid. Each suvery is between 5p-50p, you get £2.50 when you sign up and 50p for anyone you recommend who signs up (using 'other' email addresses works to bump it up a bit).

    There a other paid survery sites too, some offer amazon vouchers, others cash.

    Fingers & toes crossed that everything works out for you love. xx

  2. Use a local family jeweller rather than an online/post back service. I took a pile of useless tat to an old-fashioned place in my high street and got enough cash for a return flight to India.
    Any decent place will display the day's gold rate in the window and ask for ID. x

  3. i'm so sorry to hear about everything that's been going on with your job lately, it's no wonder you've been feeling rather down about it all!

    i've never used any of those cash for gold companies, but i was just about to suggest the same thing as susan - survey sites! i mainly use GB Lightspeed but and do a survey per day and it does add it. Surveys are usually only 10-15 minutes long too.

    keep your chin up, things WILL get better xx

  4. The only cash for gold web site that I'd recommend is Hatton Garden Metals - they pay so much better than anywhere else, and I have used them on 3x occassions and never been disappointed.

    I also agree with the lady who mentioned survey companies. It all adds up - and although some pay in vouchers, you could always use the vouchers and save your cash for other things.

  5. I do surveys too with Pinecone, they pay £3 per survey to your paypal account. x

  6. I'll second what Vix said, definitely go local. I got about £40 (or it may have been £60) for my pretty crappy wedding rings - yes, I came away with his too!

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