Tuesday, 5 July 2011

payin' anything to roll the dice, just one more time..

our sensationopoly game board

i spent my weekend in Birmingham on a 'Sensationopoly' weekend for senior section members of Girlguiding Midlands, to come and take part in a monopoly-based challenge around the city centre of Birmingham, one of the events organised as part of the celebrations for 40yrs of Girlguiding Midlands..

the other members of my team - The Fantastic 5

i must admit, initially i booked my place on the event because i knew i could use it to fulfill one of the sections of my Queen's Guide award, but i am really glad that i went, i had a fabulous weekend and it was so lovely to have something to take my mind off of the current work and money stresses..

new street - one of our stations

we checked into the hotel, just across the road from a large guiding-owned building which was to serve as our base for the weekend, and spent friday evening getting to know some each other with various team-building activities (always useful to pick up some simple new games to do with my guides!) and arranged ourselves into teams for the following day's contest..

the floozie!! (in the fountain that is, not the team!)

we set off bright and early on saturday morning, having been given the game board and a map of the city centre..armed with camera and a vague idea of a mehtodical route, we headed out to find the ruby challenge points, and as many photo points as we could..

gold statue of i-can't-remember-who on Broad Street

when we got back to the base point, most of us with the biggest blisters ever (mainly me - my own fault for wearing some brogues i'd never worn before on one of the warmest days of the year so far!) we had to trade in our checkpoint chance and community action cards for the chance to take part in some of the challenges for extra points..these were rather fun, and included getting as many items out from a bucket of custard as we could - using just our feet (gross!), tasting chocolate to identify the added ingredient (these were also gross - pepper, garlic, tomato, lemon curd etc!) and fitting as many marshmallows into our mouths as we could in one go (i managed 10, thankfully there is no picture to go with that, i then had a fit of giggles and was almost sick!)

the bull!

a few hours of rest-time (which Megan and i took to mean 'shopping-time'!) we then got ready for saturday evening's Ruby Ball, dinner served by the lovely Trefoil Guild ladies, and a special guest in the form of one of the BBC Midlands Today presenters (whose name escapes me), who came to award the prizes..our team ended up winning the contest which was rather an added bonus, and then there was a celidgh, which was great fun, despite the fact that i am hilariously lacking in co-ordination and spent most of the time doing the steps in the wrong order, but i think that is all part of the fun of it..

our winnning team in all our Ruby-Ball finery! 

sunday morning was a great oppportunity to have our say in what we as members want from the concept of Senior Section (i won't go into too much boring detail) but after a few hours of chatting, and throwing ideas about, i think there will be some exciting (to me and others involved in guiding, anyway) changes to happen in the future..

i had a really lovely weekend, and so nice to do something different, and will certainly be advising anyone who isn't sure of doing a guiding event like this, that even if you don't know anyone before you get there, that's nothing to be worried about!


  1. You're a bit young to be called senior!! Sounds so old! Sounds like a brilliant weekend though, and you look absolutely stunning in that red dress xx

  2. This looks really fun, especially the ball part! (the wedding I'm going to is also a ceilidh, cant wait!) :)

  3. Oh, my good friend is really invovled with guides too, I have to ask her if she went! :) It looks like SUCH a fun event !

  4. It sounds like great fun! I love challenges like this sounds! You look very pretty in that lovely red dress by the way!

  5. What a brilliant way to spend a W/E in Brum! If you visit again give me a shout.
    You look stunning in that red dress!
    Z xx