Friday, 15 July 2011

ride a white swan like the people of the beltane..

swan top - h&m

this swan print top has been troubling me for a little while now..i know that i don't have the required figure to wear it with just jeans or a skirt as it is cut too high at the front, and nobody needs to see my midriff..

heels - faith

so i figured that a dress would be the best thing to wear it under, and picked this leopard print h&m one, which i decided to add a little black waist belt to, probably nicked from a skirt - i seem to have tonnes of these belts, although i was looking for a turquoise one this morning and couldn't find it anywhere, so clearly a better clear-out is required (the wardrobe room is still such a work-in-progress, and one of the reasons i really want to try and avoid having to move from the flat - where would i put it all!?!)

leopard print dress - h&m

the shoes are from faith a few years ago now, i saw them and waited til payday when i used to work at a bar in town, and went straight there in my break on a saturday to get them -i love the heel, and the platform, as well as the brocade effect, and they are super comfortable..

i am planning to schedule some ootd catchups over the weekend, as i have a few which still haven't been posted from earlier in the month..i'm off to stratford on avon in the morning with one of my friends, she needs cheering up and it's somewhere she has always wanted to visit, so we have booked a premier inn, and are off to explore..i will try to make sure i take some photos- i'm really looking forward to a couple of days away from stressing!

finally, if you haven't done so already and would like to enter, my summer reading giveaway is open until sunday..


  1. That dress looks fabulous, was it a recent buy? (not that I have any money at the mo but I can dream!!)

  2. Oh my, total LOVE for that swan top!

  3. I love that top so much :) very jealous of the way you can wear heels too! x

    half the world away.

  4. I think this works really well actually! :)

  5. I struggle with the love of crop tops and a rather jelly belly that doesn't need a public outing, so I think you've found a fab way to sort this problem! It looks great on you and I think I might dare to try it too.

  6. I love those platform heels. They look like bridal shoes... So you can even get married in those babies :)

  7. I'd never have thought to wear a crop top with a dress - looks fab on you, and the prints look great together too :)

  8. Love the swan top! Might see if you can still get it. Would definitely have the midriff problem though, love how you solved it x

  9. Ahh that IS a pretty top! So many crop tops about at the mo, I'd have to wear a vest underneath though! x