Wednesday, 20 July 2011

right, birds can fly so high..

close up of print-clashing!

floral skirt - primark // bird print top - forever21

shoes - faith // necklace - gift

this may well be one of my favourite outfits for a long time..i know that i have worn these shoes far too often in the past week or so, but my feet are still healing from the blisters i put on them in bham, and these are so comfortable on the heels that i have been wearing them for ease (and the fact that i love them - that also helps)

i decided on the top before the rest of the outfit, and figured i would start from there..i'm not usually all that confident in floaty tops, especially ones which are a little bit sheer..despite jillian michaels trying her best, i am only a couple of days into the shred, and still have a long long way to go before i have any body confidence, (i hovered my mouse over the post button on a post i wrote about this last week, but decided against clicking it as i think i sound stupid..maybe i will be braver one day) so things like this take a lot of confidence, as i am not in my comfort zone with sheer at all..i expected to feel self-conscious with this outfit all day..

the skirt is from a few seasons ago, added in the hope that it would counteract the floaty of the top..i think it worked, and i found that i was not uncomfortable in it..i love the print of both of these, and don't think they actually clash too badly..


  1. i really love the print on that floaty top! i think it looks great on you too, you're looking very slim - especially in the last picture! if i'm feeling self conscious i always put a little vest top underneath a sheer top to hide my lumps and bumps ;) xx

  2. I really like the clashing prints :) can't wait to get to a forever 21!

  3. I like the clashing patterns, they work well.

    You have great legs. *jealous*

  4. oh gosh gogeous shoes and lovely top and skirt x

  5. Love the clashing prints. You look gorgeous Char x

  6. you know I adore a proper clash! Your mix is very tasteful, I ove it. You look lovely :) Hope your feet heal up properly soon!

  7. I don't think I'd necessarily describe those as clashing prints. They're different, yes, but the colours tone beautifully.