Thursday, 21 July 2011

three little words..

lovely post to come home to on friday !

on friday i was cheered up greatly by some of the post (not including the rude note from my nuisance neighbours from the flat below!) which i came home to..a letter from one of my lovely penpals, and also a prize i won from Em's recent giveaway - i love it all, but most of all the cute little wooden heart bird brooch, which i wore for the whole weekend, and also in these outfit posts below (see, there was a connection!)

irregular choice 'disco heaven' heels
recently, i have been loving the colour mustard - well, actually i have always had a bit of a fondness for it, so a few weeks ago i couldn't resist this vest from the new look £3.99 range - i love the shape of these vests and have various colours now, picked up over anyone else picky when it comes to shapes, necklines and fits of basics? for example i couldn't wear anything v-neck as i just wouldn't feel comfortable in it..this may just be me..
skirt: primark // cardi and vest: new look
i chose the top to go with the colours in this primark skirt - i have been having a skirt sort-out, and decided to give this floral primark one a final chance before deciding whether it's headed for the blog sale page or not..looking at the photos i'm still not sure about it..then again, looking at the photos i;m not so sure about the top either, i think i look frumpy :(

i do love the shoes though, which i was hoping would draw the other parts of the outfit together, and this cardigan must be one of my best value items ever in terms of cost-per-wear..i remember having a list of 'ideal' items to find, and a bottle-green cardigan had been on there for a long while, so whilst i balked a little at the full-price new look price tag, i was hoping i would get plenty of wear from it..that must have been four yrs ago and it's still one of my most-worn cardigans, which is mad as i have so many which just don't seem to see the light of day very oftern


i'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather stays dry this evening, i have an 'end of term district bbq' to go to, i think i'm in charge of the camp fire songs - it's for all of the guides, brownies, rainbows and's currently looking as though it could be a total wash-out :(


  1. Yay for lovely post. I haven't written to you in ages. FAIL. Must fix that ;) xxx

  2. Those shoes are amazing! They go lovely with that outfit\xx

  3. So pleased you liked it. I love that little brooch, and keep thinking about ordering another one for me to keep.
    Oh and those shoes are AMAZING! X

  4. Aw love your outfit thats prob my favourite in a while <3

    Mustard Yellow is the best!

  5. Hope you're not getting rained on.

    Honestly Char, I wish you'd stop describing yourself as frumpy. I can't think of anyone less likely to merit that word!

  6. Ahhh I would love to have some penpals write to me, I only get my best friend! Letters are so nice to recieve in the post!

    I really this this outfit, I think the cardi and top really bring out the colours of the skirt. I would not use the word frumpy to describe you at all!

    Hope you are having fun at the BBQ we dont do anything like that in our district!


  7. You are not frumpy!!! I love your outfit and jealous of your necklace. I broke mine that was similar and feel lost without it. Those shoes are so fabulous.

  8. Yes mustard really really suits you! Look at the whitestuff sale, they have a gorgeous pair of bow wedge shoes in mustard reduced from £65 to £25 here:
    Those IC shoes are fabulouso! Thank you for making me smile! (and I agree with Alex- frumpy and you are antonyms!)

  9. wow love your ic heels! they bright up everything:) xxx

  10. Oh wow I love those shoes! The whole outfit actually but especially the shoes! xx

  11. I worry I look frumpy sometimes but you look great. I love those shoes they remind me of Elmer the elephant :)

  12. You have the most amazing collection of shoes!