Saturday, 16 July 2011

we've got a long way to climb..

heels: primark // cardi: primark

dress : tesco clothing

so as i'm otherwise engaged doing all manner of touristy, shakespeare-related things, i'm sure, i thought i'd try to catch myself up-to-date with some of the outfits i've taken pics of but not yet posted..

this one's nothing new, i've worn them all before, possibly even together, but i thought it was a nice, summery outfit..not that i've seen a lot of sun, just weirdo clouds..

i've made some progress with starting the 30-day shred (finally!) and i didn't find the first try as hard as i thought i would - i even did my 'start' measurements, not that i will EVER be brave enough to post them..i need some proper hand-weights, the ones i'm used to using in the gym are a lot more than a can of beans, which is what i used last night and they weren't doing anything..but i have noticed them in various charity shops recently - although now that i'm looking for some i bet i can't find any!

my giveaway closes tomorrow..


  1. I love that outfit, the shoes are amazing!

    Good luck with the shred! xx

  2. lovely outfit and that flower in your hair is fab. Glad the shred is going ok. I use 2lb weights but for some excercises 2 of them. You must be much fitter tan me, the first few days left me flagging.

  3. You look gorgeous in that outfit, the colours really suit you.

  4. So pretty! Love the cardi. Hope you've had a good weekend x

  5. Ooh I hope we get to hear about your Shakespeare-related adventures! x