Monday, 25 July 2011

you can make all the moves, you can aim all the spotlights..

dress: c/o monsoon

shoes: faith // cardigan: h&m (ancient)

belt & necklace: primark

this was my outfit for saturday, i spent a pretty full day in birmingham.. first i attended a girlguiding PR / media training day, in order to enable me to be shortlisted for telephone / radio / tv interviews when girlguiding events near me need a spokesperson..i was sort of dreading the day, as ironic though it is for someone who has a blog and posts ootd photos, i hate to see myself on screen - especially videos..

we did a few training sessions, and then had Michael Collie, a newsreader from 'midlands today' to play our interviewer, and were recorded giving an interview about our chosen scenario..the trainers then played back our interviews (hell), pausing to give us comments and advice..argh! it wasn't as bad as i'd expected to be honest, i cringed a little when i saw myself on screen, but then i think everyone else did as well with theirs, and the advice was very helpful, not critical, so that was also helpful to get advice from a newsreader, as he was able to give us some information on what an interviewer would be looking for etc..

when that was finished, i hot-footed it down to the pallasades to meet the other blogger girls for the #brumbloggermeetup, organised by fritha from the fish tank, and claire from jazzpad, both of whom had done an amazing job..on arrival there were name tags for everyone, and i recognised a few faces from some of the blogs i read, including gem, maria and eloise to begin with, which put me at ease..

i know i have met with other bloggers in the past, but nothing i have been to had been on this kind of scale, so i was a little nervous and unsure what to expect..we were given some goody bags, from missguided (organised by sara, who was looking amazingly rock chic in her spiked leather jacket) and from max c and crown and glory, organised by fritha and claire..florrie did a great post here with much better pics than mine of the contents of the goody bags..

once we were all present and correct, we had a few photos as a group by the bull, and then split into smaller groups for heading round some shops before dinner..i headed off with the group who were going to the bullring, including selina, lily and danni who were all lovely..we had a scoot around the forever21 jewellery section, and topshop, although i wasn't all that impressed that i couldn't see anything nice, when i was on the webiste last week making a wishlist as long as my arm!

we went to h&m with elizabeth, and then in republic, hayley and i became hat twins with an AMAZING hamster hat..then we hit primark, where louise and i queued for what seemed like a million years, but it was worth it, as the dress i thought was £25 was actually £10!! :)

we went for dinner at red peppers in the mailbox, which was lovely, and very reasonable..we had a big table downstairs, and got some funny looks from the other diners as 25 or so of us traipsed downstairs with our big yellow max c bags..i don't think we made quite as big an impression on bham as the random zombie flash-mob, but we still got some looks during the day! i sat near and chatted to danni, louise, tasha, sarah and gem at the meal, who were all lovely! he mealtime entertainment came when fritha brought in several bags of clothing donated by clothing at tesco, and we all got to choose something to take home with us..i picked out a plain black cotton blazer, which i can't wait to try out over a floral dress to smarten it up a notch..

after the meal, a lot of the girls stayed and headed out for a night out, i was really tired and not fancying the drive home at that time, let alone after a club, so i went home, but from keeping up with their #brumbloggermeet tweets it sounds like much fun was had by all..which i can believe, as everyone i met was just lovely, and friendly, and i had a fab day..if you're thinking of going to a meet up event, i would definitely recommend it, i didn't know anyone outside of their blogs before this one, and yet i felt so welcomed - i love that about blogging, you seem to avoid all the bitchiness that one would otherwise expect from a bunch of girls getting together..


  1. Sounds like you had a great day! It's funny, I don't follow any Brum bloggers; will check out some of those names!
    I was really disappointed in F21. I was there Wednesday...when it first opened it was brilliant. Mr B did his David Bailey stint and did some sneaky shots of me lolling around! Very embarrassing!
    Z xx

  2. Such a pretty outfit I love the cardi and belt x

  3. Those heels were epic!

    I always love your outfits, and this was no exception. So lovely to see you in person!

    Florrie x

  4. aww thanks ! i love my jacket .
    was lovely to meet you - i dont know how you managed all day in heels - im glad i was in my trusty converse x

  5. Gorgeous dress and it sounds like a brilliant day. You're very brave doing the media training thing - great experience. xx

  6. love your look, that dress is so pretty and those shoes are incredible. That must have been an exhausting day! Quite a gathering of bloggers.

  7. Sounds like a fun day, and I'm totally in love with this dress! :)

  8. Sounds like the meet up was fun, can't believe I didn't hear about it! Love he outfit, glitter and sunshine x

  9. You look so pretty :) glad you had a good time! x

  10. Sounds like you had a fun and busy day! The dress is lovely, fab colours and beautiful fabric.

  11. Hamster hat?! Why are there no pictures of this??

    You look gorgeous in that Monsoon frock. Absolutely perfect shape on you.

  12. You looked so lovely and I don't know how you walked in those killer heels all day, amazing :) It was so much fun, I want to do it all over again now. Bit of a comedown coming back home boohoo.
    Glad you had a lovely day

  13. You look beautiful, the dress is lovely.
    I am so jealous of the people who went to that meet, it looks aamzing x

  14. You look amazing in that dress! Do you wear your heels all day? How do you do it?! x