Sunday, 3 July 2011

you owe me five farthings..



i'm sure everyone and his dog already has this primark dress, i loved the print, and the fact that it was only £9 in primark rather than the equivalent new look one which was shorter and £30! (anyone else think new look prices are getting silly?!)

anyway, when the sun shined the other day, i decided a nice bright lemon print and sunhat were the way forward - i was still too hot, but never mind. after a days' wear i wasn't sure about the length, i think i'm getting scared of short hemlines lately! and I also had this in the green hawaiin print, which I have now put in the blog sale (sz12 bnwt) as I prefer the fruity print!


  1. I love this dress but didn't buy either. Agree about the prices at New look. The quality is nothing to shout about either.
    Love your hat, perfect for summer!

  2. I ummed and ahhed over this dress yesterday, I wish I'd got it now as it looks gorgeous on you x

  3. Lovely dress!

    Definitely agree with you on New Look's prices, I either get my sister to get me discount (even though it's only 10%) or I try and hold out until the sale!