Thursday, 7 July 2011

you won't find me 'cos i'm not coming home..


sandals: primark

skirt and top: new look

realising just how similar some of my outfits have been over the last few days, i wore this on monday, as my feet were still bandaged up and these sandals were the most confortable i could find around the heels of my feet..

i guess i haven't been feeling all that inspired tbh..i've been spending most of my time searching for jobs / house shares in my area, but i'm not having much luck..i have such a great deal on my lovely flat at the moment that i'm finding it tough to get my head around moving to one single bedroom and saving less than £100 per month..


  1. The skirt print is very pretty. So what if your outfits are similar, you wear what you enjoy and look jolly good in it too!
    Hope the job/houseshare works out OK. It's a bit of a mammoth task, isn't it?
    Hope your feet are feeling better1
    Z xx

  2. Sandals are gorgeous! Havn't spotted them in primark yet so will have to have a look :) I know how hard it is house hunting too. Takes up so much time! Good luck with it all! x

  3. Good luck re finding somewhere right and a job too. Can you take your time or are you in a rush?

    How many lovely skirts do you have? No fair.

  4. Thanks for your comments on my blog I am sure you would look fine in a bikini.

    I love your skirt x

  5. hope the job/house hunt sorts itself out love. you look so pretty in that skirt :) everything will be okay xx

  6. How on earth will you fit all your shoes in 1 room haha good luck with the search, hope you find somewhere perfect xxx

  7. Really pretty skirt, I've had some good things from New Look. I'm really taken with your little green and blue cabinet though - it looks like a cartoon face!

  8. Lovely skirt! I hope your feet are getting better :)

  9. Sorry for not commenting for so long Char, you look lovely. You always wear the most interesting and pretty clothes, I love the print on your skirt. I hope you start feeling inspired again soon, I know the feeling. xxx

  10. Have I missed something? How come you're looking for jobs/houses? Hope everything's OK. I've been loving your pretty outfits lately :)