Monday, 15 August 2011

but right now i wish that you were here..

dress : monsoon 

heart print heels : irregular choice

after my frustration in my recent friday favourites post about this dress, i had decided to pop into monsoon the next time i was passing, just in case..i found the only one in the store, and after snatching it off the rail away from a woman who looked as though she may have been headed for it, deliberated whether or not it fit me properly, as it was a size smaller than i usually go for, and i was convinced in the changing room that i was looking a bit like the hulk in it..looking at the pictures though, it's not that obvious, and it felt perfectly comfortable..maybe the shred is having some effect after all, as i felt more princessy in it than monstrous..

shrug : tesco clothing

i decided to save it for my best friend's baby's christening, which was yesterday, and i was so glad of the chance to see them all again, as the last time i saw them was my birthday bingo outing (a good few months ago now!) and i've really missed was so nice to catch up with everything, and just to giggle away with them and take my mind off the more frustrating things which have been happening recently..

and a (apparently very rare) photo of us all looking at the camera - that almost never happens, as i almost never look at the camera, so Bex tells me anyway!

my beautiful best friends :)


  1. aww lovely photo of you and your friends and your dress very pretty x

  2. Excellent princessy dress, so pretty! Great pic of your friends too, makes me miss mine now... :)

  3. you look gorgeous Char :) x

  4. look at the camera more often, you're so pretty! i'm so jealous of your hair aswell, it's the length i'm aiming for but mines is taking foreverrrr to grow xx

  5. Thats a lovely photo of you and your friends. The dress is beautiful.

  6. Definitely princessy! I'm so pleased you got it.

    The group photo is gorgeous :)

  7. your dress fits you fabulously! Lovely picture of you and your friends x

  8. OOOOH, am loving that dress!!!! And the shrug and the shoes and your lovely wavy hair! You look lovely in the pics and even lovelier when you look at the camera! Glad you had a nice time!

  9. Can I please steal your dress? It is gorgeous!
    The picture of you with your friends is lovely :)

  10. This outfit is truly gorgeous, i love the dress and shoes so much. That group picture is really lovely, you all look very pretty and your friends baby is gorgeous x