Sunday, 28 August 2011

death by diamonds and pearls..

i was planning to do a review post on this which i picked up with my shopping a couple of weeks ago..


i had been looking at the epilators, as i've been thinking of investing in one for a little while, and decided that i probably couldn't stretch to one without doing a little
more research on them..

but then this shaver caught my eye, and was marked up with a sale sticker to say "introductory offer" and priced at £3.97, which i decided was too good a bargain to miss out on! i have to admit i hadn't really thought about getting another shaver, i'd had one in the past (from boots a few yr's ago) and had never really thought that much of it..

i've tried this a few times now, and have to admit it is great! it provides a nice close shave, and is really easy to pop off the top to works on battery power only, rather than a charge, which could mean that it's expensive to keep it stocked with aa batteries, as im not sure how long two will last..

i like the fact that it can be used both in and out of the shower, as i find that much easier a lot of the time..and so much easier for being in a rush, as i'm one of those people who always ends up with loads of razor-nicks on my legs if i have to rush!

overall i would definitely recommend this tesco shaver, and would advise you to pick one up next time you do your shopping..i must point out this is just somethign i purchased for myself, i wasn't asked to do a review by anyone else.


  1. I had actually forgotten there are other ways of shaving legs than disposable razors. I need to get out more!
    For under £4 this is pretty impressive, I will pick one up if I get to a Tescos.

  2. Gah! I was buying razor blades in Tesco on Friday and I actually remembered to look for this. Needless to say that my crap store didn't stock it.

  3. That is such a bargain, I doubt my store will have one, but still!

  4. Bargain! I never even think of these shavers. I really want an epilater, but i'm a bit scared! x