Friday, 5 August 2011

friday favourites 002..

 1 - orange floral dress, oasis, £45

1 - my first item this week is this dress from oasis, which i was lusting over last time i was at the bullring, the colour is lovely, the shape and length are very flattering, and there is a padded coat hanger waiting for it in my wardrobe!

2 - cat brooch, tatty devine, £54

2 - meow! i love the new range of tatty devine siamese cats which have just been launched..i would very much like this brooch, it would be perfect on any cardigan..these come in two different sizes, and also in necklace form, and there are also orange or black cats, but i like the ivory coloured ones as they remind me of the cats in lady and the tramp, which was one of the disney films my sister and i used to love when we were little!


  1. LOVE these bits!! So cute..have a great weekend xx

  2. That orange dress is beautiful, it definately deserves a place in your wardrobe!

  3. that cat brooch is top of my wishlist thanks to you!

  4. the oasis dress is very pretty but at £45 its out of my price bracket!

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous dress. You know how much I love cats but Siamese ones creep me out a bit so I won't be fighting you for that brooch!

  6. That dress is beautiful, such a lovely colour :)

    Maria xxx

  7. That is indeed a dress to drool over!