Friday, 26 August 2011

friday favourites 004..

kinda can't believe it's friday again, but here are a couple of the things on my wish list this week..

1: balloons and bicycle tee, £27, hero and cape

2: star print tights, £10, topshop
1: i have seen a few mentions of hero and cape recently, and a few blog posts showing what look to be some lovely, hand-drawn tees (see alex's post on her hero and cape tee here) i thought i would have a little look on the site, and completely fell for this bike print tee! i don't very often wear printed tees, as there is something in my head which thinks they only go with jeans (which i don't wear) although i really like the inspired way in which the model on the site has matched it with a cute floral skirt- when i get my hands on this printed lovely, i will be copying her style!

2: to finish off my outfit, or any outfit at the moment due to my newfound patterned-tights obsession (as mentioned here), i would like this pair of starry tights from topshop !


  1. oooh yes that t-shirt is fab!!

  2. I'm totally the same about tshirts! Just cant really make them work with skirts, I'd rather be wearing pretty blouses :)

  3. that tee is incredible, I don't often wear them but I am always drawn to them.

  4. i look like a bloke in a tee :(
    love those star print tights!

  5. The top is very cute, and so are the tights!!

  6. Thank you so much for featuring Hero&Cape on your blog!

    We're such a small independent business and we could never do it without support from blogs such as this!

    P.S. We've added your link to our Awesome Blogs page on our blog!


  7. Buy them both. Do it. You know you want to.