Wednesday, 10 August 2011

give me the words and i'll say them like i mean it..

cardi : george @ asda

heels : irregular choice

cocktail ring : accessorize // bag : asos

these outfit photos make me cross..this is what i put on to go over to a friend's house on sunday, and accompany her to chester in order to find her an outfit for her upcoming weekend..

i found this dress a few weeks ago in the monsoon sale for £18 which i decided was a bargain, and snapped it up then and there..i tried it on when i got home and decided i really liked it, prefect length with a hankerchief hemline, a lovely deep blue colour, and a great i put it onto a hanger to wait for an opportune moment to wear it..

i put it on on sunday morning, and within an hour or so, the zip gave up, and wouldn't zip up or down without the teeth coming apart - so frustrating, but luckily i was wearing a cardigan so managed to put up with it until i got home..

obviously, what with the monsoon sale items being under a 7day return policy, i was a little worried about taking it back - whilst i am aware that legally i have the right to return a faulty item with my proof of purchase, it would seem that the majority of retail workers do not know this (i'm not blaming them, or having a go at anyone, just stating a fact i have been made aware of) when i tried to take it back to my local store i was told there was no way i could be able to return it due to the 7 day period being there was no manager available to speak to, and i was in a rush, i left it and later on called the monsoon customer services number from the website - they were quite unhelpful really..i think the operator thought i was trying to track another dress down to be able to exchange it, which i wasn't, and when she realised what i was trying to ask about, i was advised to try the store again and speak to the manager..

i did that today, and managed to speak to someone who knew that i was able to return a faulty item, and since there were no more of this dress in the sale in my size, i was able to return it for a refund..i will be looking out for this again, as i really was pleased with the fit etc, and will just make sure that i check the zip in future, i don't know why i don't anyway, i do with the lower end high street stores..


  1. That's a shame, the colour and the hemsline are perfect. I'm sure you'll find another on eBay in due course. x

  2. Oh Char that's such a shame. I was just about to say what a gorgeous dress it was (and how flipping skinny you look in that last photo) and now you don't even own it anymore! Gah.

  3. This dress is gorgeous, shame about the zip! Glad you got it sorted.

    I have a friend who used to work in Monsoon; she said that it was a real eye opener seeing the state clothes arrived in sometimes, just out of the delivery van and they'd be filthy :/ ever since I've considered the shop an absolute rip off!

  4. What a pain, glad you got it sorted in the end.
    Interesting what Lauren said about the state the garments can arrive in. It was the one place whose clothes I wished I was small enough to fit into! Not any more!!
    Z xx

  5. What a faff, at least you won out in the end, I remember the nightmare of working in retail, hope you find the dress again! :)

  6. I guess you always presume Monsoon is better quality. I am bloody furious with bad customer service at the moment namely Agent Provocateaur, someone head will roll if I dont get a reply to my email tomorrow it will be 2 weeks since I ordered! I am really gutted as I bought such lovely stuff too. Monsoon need to train their staff up!

  7. What a shame it looks lovely. Sure you will manage to track one down on Ebay at some point.
    I used to work in a shop and some people get very confused about their rights, but you are correct if it's faulty you can return it whenever you want, it's if you just decide you don't like an item they don't have to give you a refund, glad you got that sorted anyway

  8. Love the cardigan, and so disappointing about the dress! It looked lovely!

    Tess x

  9. such a shame about the dress, its such a rich colour an pretty shape. I find it astonishing the poor quality of service on the high street.

  10. How frustrating! You shouldn't have to put so much effort in to get your money back.
    You look lovely though, and your shoes are amazing!

  11. That is frustrating especially as it looks so nice on you :)

    Maria xxx

  12. Oh no! What a shame!! It really worries me that stores get away with shoddy service, especially higher end high street stores like Monsoon, lets face it - They're not the cheapest!! It really winds me up and definitely prevents me from going there again!

    The shoes look AMAZING though, focus on them :D xx