Wednesday, 24 August 2011

i once knew a pretty girl and she was in love with the world..

tights : primark

heels : primark

cardi : new look

i finally found this dress in the new look sale a few wks ago in the TALL, i know i'm not really that tall, but i tried on the regular length one when it was first released and it was insanely short, hence not buying it until i found it by chance in the sale..i don't think i could cope with it any shorter, but i was glad to think of it as the perfect thing to go with these tights..

i'm excited about patterned tights recently..i'm aware that i'm about a million years late on one of the biggest 'blogger-trends' going, but there it is..however, i know what i'm like when it comes to wearing tights once, and catching them on a bag, the car, my desk, anything really..they literally last about a day, and as it there seems to be no correlation between my propensity to ruining tights and the price i have paid for them, i tend to favour cheap tights and stockings / hold-ups rather than paying an insane amounts for them..which has meant that whilst i have drooled over patterned henry holland tights etc, i have never tried any..

so i was quite pleased when i saw a pair of these on a plastic leg in primark recently..£2 for the pair and they are fairly thick, i figured i may as well give them a go..i wore them with the dress as i decided it would be the right length to show off some of the detail on the tights, and yet still is a fairly 'smart' outfit as i had to start the day with a breakfast networking meeting before heading to my office..i did get some comments on them (good, i think) and i really like them..i love the polka dots and the rose pattern, and the fact that they don't make my legs look quite so huge as usual (which has always been a reservation i've had re patterned tights!)..

anyway, i will continue to work them into outfits (until the inevitable happens and i ruin them, anyway) and will look out for some more / similar ones within my meagre tights budget..enough hosiery chit-chat for today, but if you have any recommendations, please let me know..

oh and the title of today's post is dedicated to klee, who blogs here and is very funny! :)


  1. I love the tights, I'll have to look out for some :)

  2. I have the same problem, I manage to ruin tights as soon as I pull them on so I buy cheap ones and then your more likely to ruin them! Can't win really, these do look good on you. Primark have some fantastic one's xxx

  3. I can't wait for Autumn and the introduction of tights into my daily wears. I got some polk dots from primark a couple of months ago but they're a bit thin and lethal to wear around my cat.

  4. I am the worlds worse with tights, literally can only wear them a day and then they go in the bin. I am ok with thick tights just sheer ones! I stocked up on loads of patterned tights from Primark in the summer for just a £1! :) Can't wait to wear them, really help to jazz up an outfit! x

  5. I am terrible woth tights too. I need to stock up on some thicker ones for a/w.
    Love your dress and tights combo x

  6. They're great! (and your legs never look huge, they are shapely and lovely!)

  7. You look fantastic! I have the same problem with tights, and primark ones don't fit my massive hips so I can't do the pretty patterns :(


  8. Im exactly the same with tights, with 2 kids running around, velcro shoes (them, not me!) and climbing up for cuddles are not a good combination for fine tights.
    Its quite reassuring to know the tights you have are quite thick, when I saw them in the shop I wrongly assumed they were mega fine!

    Love the dress too, looks great.

  9. I love these tights you look Fab! xx