Monday, 1 August 2011

i read your letter..

unflattering sheer blouse: primark

stamp print skirt: h+m

shoes: irregular choice

an outfit post from the other day; i was clearly feeling v confident when i left the house..or perhaps my mirror in the flat doesn't work very well, as when i looked at this top with concern, i didn't think it looked too sheer..and then when i got to work i was immediately asked why i was wearing a see-through top :(

i don't think that helped my recent body blues at all..i'm feeling increasingly unhappy about my shape and size, and i don't think that trying to trick myself into liking it by pushing my style boundaries is helping much. in fact at all.

i had forgotten all about this skirt, and how much i love the postage stamp print on it, very apt as i have just sent off my postcards for the postcard swap i have signed up to on jenny's blog, so they are on their way to my recipients around the world!! (i love sending post and am always on the lookout for more penpals)


  1. Do you know I am in awe of your shoes you always wear such amazing shoes in fact I have never ever seen you in a bad pair.
    Do you wear heels all the time as I cannot remember seeing you in flats?xx

  2. ohhh bling bling shoes :) love it ! xoxo

  3. That blouse doesn't look see-thru' in those pictures. I did the same with a maxi dress, wore it to town and wondered why the ladies in the Salvation Army handed me an underskirt when I was in the shop. x

  4. How fun is that skirt?! Wish I noticed things like this in H&M.

    Could you perhaps pop a little vest top on underneath it and knot the waist up a little? It's a cute blouse but I don't think the length is quite right on it.

  5. I've fallen foul of the suddenly see-through top (or worse, skirt) so many times. I think it's brighter outside and office light that does it.

    For what it's worth you really don't look overweight at all, but I'm having similar issues and know that realistically other people would say the same thing to me x

  6. Please tell me your blog title is a jack's mannequin lyric. Please oh please.


  7. I'm 100% with Alex - why not go vest underneath and tuck it in or know it - that way you'll get lovely waist definition and immediately look better! xx

  8. Love the shoes and that skirt is amazing. I second what Alex says- I never notice funky things like that!
    You always look amazing to me not at all overweight and you have AMAZING legs!