Saturday, 6 August 2011

i used to want you so bad..

black draped blazer : c/o tesco clothing

dress: dorothy perkins

silver sequin heels : primark

i decided that i hadn't worn this dress in a while, and dug it out from the mass of dresses on the rail in my wardrobe's that little bit short for my liking, so i put some black tights on - yes, i know it's july, and therefore supposed to be the height of summer, but the weather here is telling a different story!

as i couldn't think of any grey heels, i went with these silver ones, and then decided that the black waterfall shrug which i was very kindly allowed to choose at the blogger meet up would probably work with the outfit too..


  1. I had 60 denier black tights and a big black cardi on yesterday! The weather seriously needs to sort itself out. Loving those shoes btw.

  2. I really want to raid your dresses! You have such a good collection.

    Sorry for the fail in writing a letter, hetic week at work and I just want to pass out when I finally get home! Should slow down over the next few days!


  3. July meh, I have been wearing black tights with all my dresses it is freezing!

  4. a shorter length dress looks hot on you Char! I have tried to resist wearing tights unless its really necessary.

  5. Ooh cute dress, I have a similar one from M&S and always dig it out when I'm going somewhere nice. Agree about the weather, annoyingly its muggy but rainy here, actually glad to be at work! :)

  6. The weather's friggin shit! Don't get me wrong, we've had a few good days and it has been warm (not so this eve - swaddled in a cardi and considering hot chocolate) but it's still a bit of a summer wash out! Anyway, in more postitive news, that dress looks delicious on you and the shoes are great - I'm most affronted by the pile of shoes on the right though ;-)