Thursday, 4 August 2011

just follow steps one, two and three..

bird double ring : primark

dress : topshop // cardi : h&m

necklace : topshop
does anyone else think that they have a standard outfit recipe? i'd say that a lot of my outfits start with a floral dress, added to which goes a cardigan (i have a bit of a love-hate relationship going on with jumpers, i'm almost always too hot, and at least with a cardigan i can regulate my 'weird' temperature more easily) and a long necklace..
this seems to be my method for less inspired days anyway..and the kind of outfit which my friend would describe as 'totally me' when i went to meet her after work in this get-up..does that make it my signature style?


  1. That dress is lovely I so want it xx

  2. Absolutely! I'm so with you on that. Little dress, plus cardi, plus some sort of pendant and a few bangles= sorted!
    Hey, if it ain't broke...
    And I love your dress! Such pretty colours.

    xxx Maddie

  3. My recipe is the same as yours. If in doubt, go floral! x

  4. Love this dress, its gorgeous.
    My outfits seem to be the same as yours, girly dress, cardi and necklace! x

  5. I know what you mean about the jumpers, I own like twice as many cardi's cause they're easier to wear! :)

  6. I adore your signature style! I wish I had your wardobe, you have so many lovely clothes.

  7. I don't really have a standard outfit or maybe I do and don't realise it. But, I like this outfit, the dress is pretty. And it's good sometimes to have a standard outfit, so you always have something to wear :) xx

  8. My formula is sadly repetitive and often consists of a dress of sorts with tights or leggings and a shirt or cardi. Occasionally I go radge and wear either a skirt or jeans. I've got so many colours and patterns though that I figure it stays at least a bit interesting anyway!

  9. Totally agree. My boyfriend is always saying, "But you don't need ANOTHER floral dress"